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August 27, 2007



Another Iraqi “Awakening”

Are the majority of Democrats going to give the Iraqis the following three points or are they going to force the U.S. to bail just as they did in Vietnam?

...the Iraqi people — who, it goes without saying, have an even greater stake in their own security and in the success of their country than America does — are more willing than ever to stand up for themselves (and to stand with the coalition), if America will merely do three things:

1. Allow (and encourage) them to do so;

2. Stand unwaveringly behind them and to support them as they risk their own lives against the terrorists who target them as much as, if not more than, they target coalition soldiers; and,

3. Prove that what America has to offer the Iraqi people is a better option than that which the extremists, from al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) to Muqtada al Sadr’s Jaisch al Mahdi (JAM), are offering.

Another Iraqi “Awakening”


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