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July 28, 2007


Michael W. Domoretsky

The da Vinci Project:
Pesci Slavisa has indeed found one of the many of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Pictures Within Pictures, outside the box, outside the frame”, “or did he”? Leonardo da Vinci’s perpendicular reverse mirror image process and the optical illusion, researched, discovered and documented in “2005,” in his various paintings, originally discovered by Mr. Michael W. Domoretsky give you a much different approach, unlike that of Slavisa’s, it take’s a much different perspective.

For hundred of years scholars have continued to study Leonardo's priceless works of art using the most cutting edge technologies available, in recent times millions of dollars have been allocated to perform all types of scientific studies seeking to determine if da Vinci hid anything underneath his finished works, all within the frames of his artworks.

The plain and obvious truth is that Leonardo worked within the limitations and utilized the technologies of his day. His meanings are in plain sight only for those, able to think outside the box and frame.

All of the writings and documents relating to Leonardo point to his being deliberate and patient in everything he did, both in his creations and his art; so it would appear all but inconceivable that in his major and personally treasured works, that every detail would have been a deliberate act of thought, and not an inadvertent inclusion. A minor anomaly in a masterpiece might happen, through unlikely in works by dozens of clearly recognizable, perfectly formed symmetrical symbols on both sides of his best masterpieces, utilizing mirrors, a technique Leonardo was well known to have used, make it being anything but intentional, all but impossible. You be the judge.

Many of the findings of Leonardo’s never before seen pictures are so subtle as to by controversial and open to interpretation and disagreement, however many of the findings would appear to be quite self-evident and clearly recognizable by the great majority of those viewing them for the first time. The sheer number of these clearly recognizable symbols makes it appear all but impossible for them to be accidental or coincidental in nature.

Leonardo da Vinci states his case both for deliberate creation and hidden meaning within his art, in both his written texts and by his known predilections.

" Make your work carry out your purpose and meaning. That is when you draw a figure consider well who it is and what you wish it to be doing."

”Leonardo da Vinci”

As usual, as is our experience, repeated time and time again, renowned art critics and professed art experts, such asVittorio Scarbi and many others, base their opinions on accepted art world and art education precepts looking at daVinci’s works as artists not scientists or inventor. We on the other had think you will be quite intrigued and fascinated with the reverse perpendicular mirror image process and the bending of light / optical illusion Leonardo was quite familiar with, and more likely.

As always it is difficult to persuade experts professing established thought in any field to consider new, alternate or previously UN accepted ideas…. But then the experts thought the world was flat for centuries.

Links to the processes discovered. We welcome comments by interested parties and will post appropriate.

The da Vinci Project
Managing Director, Michael W. Domoretsky
Director: M. Graham Noll

jj mollo

Leonardo was indeed a genius, possibly the most talented individual who ever lived. I have seen, for instance, a double helical staircase in a French Castle, built under his direction, that allows people to go up and down without running into each other. However, I don't think that this creation meant that he was aware of the structure of DNA. He is famous for his fascination with hidden messages, but I do think it's possible to go overboard.

There is a natural human tendency to see images and faces when presented with random information, particularly if bilateral symmetry has been imposed. There is also wishful thinking.

A mirror can be placed against a painting in an infinite number of ways. Some of these are bound to produce apparent images. How do the experimenters control the number of such placements? It reminds me of the effort to search for messages in the Bible by looking at every 73rd letter. Maybe the Bible says, "Walmart is the devil."

Is there any indication of Leonardo's intention in this regard? Or are people just putting the mirror whereever they get the best pictures? I would like to see a control study with random images of similar complexity. I predict that just as many apparent images could be found.

All this is not to say that I oppose these investigations. I am really thrilled and impressed with the ongoing efforts to elicit the meaning and implications of his work, particular the efforts to actually construct his engineering designs.


Cracking the real da Vinci code: Hidden in plain sight

By Gail McCarthy


Michael Domoretsky has spent the past four years studying the works of Leonardo da Vinci to uncover the secrets of the original Renaissance man.

Now he’s sharing those secrets with the world.

What Domoretsky has found, he says, is a “legacy of hidden messages” carefully concealed in some of the world’s most famous paintings and decipherable only to those who know how to read them.

Domoretsky, an Ipswich resident, gave his first public presentation on his research before a roomful of North Shore Masons at their lodge on Eastern Avenue in Gloucester on Tuesday night.

The venue was appropriate because Domoretsky believes the 15th century artist was a Mason who incorporated Masonic symbols, like the compass and square, into his works.

“The best place to hide something is in plain sight,” said Domoretsky, who is a Mason himself and works with stone as a self-employed installer of marble and granite countertops.

Domoretsky has had a lifelong interest in da Vinci. But his obsession with the master’s secrets was kindled when he came across an image of the “Mona Lisa” on a Web site about the movie “The Da Vinci Code.”

He’s quick to add, however, that he didn’t see the movie until long after he began his research, has never read the book and his work has no connection to the ideas presented by “Code” author Dan Brown.

Domoretsky said da Vinci was a master of optical illusion who created pictures within pictures within pictures — many of them designed to be visible only with the use of mirrors.

In the darkened hall, Domoretsky projected images of two paintings, “Mona Lisa” and “The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and the Infant Saint John the Baptist,” as they appear when mirrors are positioned to the right and left of the original artwork.

The resulting twinned images reveal hidden faces and objects and forms that include several chalices and what Domoretsky sees as a high priest of the Knights Templar, a Templar shield and cross and a sarcophagus.

The Knights Templar came into existence after the First Crusade of 1096 to protect European pilgrims en route to sacred sites in Jerusalem. The order was suppressed about 200 years later but, some believe, went underground and survived as a secret society.

Domoretsky believes da Vinci was “heavily involved in Freemasonry and the Knights Templar.”

Graham Noll of Groveland, who is part of Domoretsky’s da Vinci Project Research Group and assisted at Tuesday’s presentation, said the messages that the artist embedded in his work were intended for other initiates of the secret societies in which da Vinci was involved.

“The membership of craft and professional associations were given knowledge and ritual to protect, and da Vinci was obliged to pass on the information,” Noll said.

Domoretsky said to his knowledge, he is the first to use the mirror imaging to study Da Vinci’s work.

Scholars are skeptical of his findings — one critic, for example, questions why da Vinci would conceal the word “Mary” in the folds of the Mona Lisa’s clothing when the Italian for Mary is “Maria.”

“Anyone who claims to find something new is dismissed by the experts,” Domoretsky said. “We are misrepresented because some people don’t like what we say.”

Domoretsky remains undaunted and continues his research to decode da Vinci’s secrets and the meaning of messages he encrypted in his paintings. He plans to hit the road with the show he presented in Gloucester.

Domoretsky, who also plans a book, has previously detailed some of his findings on his Web site, (He believes the artist’s real first name was Lionardo, not Leonardo.)

Dana Andrus, master of the Tyrian-Ashler-Acacia Masonic Lodge in Gloucester, said Masons he talked with after the presentation were intrigued by Domoretsky’s work.

“I think he is somewhat of a visionary,” Andrus said. “He used da Vinci’s own insight to look at the paintings. That’s someone who has taken a great deal of time and thought, and not listened to the conventional wisdom, and come up with a new idea on how to approach something.”

Gail McCarthy writes for the Gloucester Daily Times of Gloucester, Mass. E-mail her at

Frank Warner

Tony, next time, try to boil down your thoughts without posting a news article.

Leonardo probably thought he was painting a picture, and it was tough enough balancing Jesus and a dozen apostles without having to worry about slipping in clues to a pointless puzzle.

The Da Vinci Code SoundTrack

Thank you for sharing information ! The Da Vici Code is one of my favourite movie..I have seen this movie 4-5 times and equally liked every time..You must go for it..

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