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June 15, 2007



Don't forget Afghanistan, and of course Klinton's troops still in Bosnia. We've been there about 14 years now? And the "insurgency" we faced was no where near the level of Iraq. If anyone thinks we'll pull out of Iraq just because Klinton II is elected, I'd like some of what your are smoking/snorting/injecting.

Frank Warner

If U.S. forces in Iraq are over 100,000 at least until the end of 2008, and if the Iraqi army reaches 250,000 men by the end of 2008, Iraq's democracy will be on a much more stable path for whoever the next U.S. president is.

Frank Warner

Then, in early 2009, the big problem will be Iran (if China keeps quiet). All those saying Bush is hot to bomb Iran right now will be complaining in 2009 that Bush didn't bomb Iran now.


And how does everyone think Klinton II would deal with Iran/China? No one will take us seriously if she is elected.

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