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June 30, 2007



With the incessant militant Islamic incidents in Thailand, how long will it be before they spill over into South Vietnam? Will that sort of thing, if it happens, create a situation where we end up going back into Vietnam because we didn't finish what we started-- freeing up the country and making thecitizens where they participate in what their country does?

jj mollo

They won't have any problems with Islamists or Scientologists or Proctologists any more than the PRC has trouble with Fulan Gong, or whatever it is. Freedom has its downside. It's tough to control extremist organization except when the extremist organization is the one in control. I have real difficulty watching our country deal with these bastards at all.

Frank Warner

I don't think Vietnam will have to worry about Muslims. They just aren't there.

Wasn't Hugo Chavez democratically elected by the Venezuelan ?

Any country does not follow the American, their leaders are automatically branded as "dictators". How arrogant is that?!

No wonder nowadays, Americans traveling aboard are so unwilling to disclose their nationality.


Hugo Chavez may not be a dictator yet but he certainly does cozy up with dictators and he is most definitely pursuing that direction for Venezuela.

Americans are unwilling to disclose their nationality because they are the biggest target of terrorists everywhere. Americans are the enemies of terrorists. Hugo Chavez and those who are too cowardly to fight terrorists are naturally their best friends.

Frank Warner

Any leader who denies the people a free press, free speech, opposition parties, independent courts and regular free elections is a dictator.

Any leader who is too eager to assume total power also might be considered a dictator. Just what powers did that Enabling Act give Chavez? When has he encouraged those who disagree with him to speak on television?

So far, democracy isn't dead in Venezuela. But if Chavez received his wishes, the freedom of Venezuelans would be buried forever.

jj mollo

Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chávez was the leader of a coup attempt in 1992 to overthrow a legitimately elected president of Venezuela, Carlos Andrés Pérez. The coup flopped due to poor planning, but Chávez became a big hero. He was also allowed to live.

It was apparent at that time that he saw no problem with imposing his will against a legitimately elected government. When the tables were turned a few years later, when a coup attempt flopped against him, then he did see a problem with such methods.

During his first term in 1973, Pérez pushed the concept of using oil to allow Venezuela to escape from poverty. His efforts turned the country into a significant oil supplier. Chávez, on the other hand, though blessed with steadily rising prices for oil, has been responsible for the near dismantling of Venezuela's oil infrastructure. This does not make him a dictator, but it does make him a leader who puts politics before the welfare of his people. It's not unreasonable to suspect that he will, sooner or later, make politics a higher priority than the freedom of his people.


I think America is the biggest dictator. As you said, Triet is only a dictator for Vietnamese but America is the dictator for the rest of the world. America don't let any country raise their voice if they does not follow America. Hey George, you said "Americans are unwilling to disclose their nationality because they are the biggest target of terrorists everywhere". Why everywhere? or the rest of the world hate the biggest dictator.


If you consider the US to be a dictator of the world, then I consider China and the Soviet Union or Russia to also be dictators of the world. That is the tragedy of Vietnam - being torn between 3 dictators.

Frank Warner

Well, in the 1973 Paris Peace Accords, the Hanoi government promised democracy and freedom, at least in South Vietnam. We're still waiting for elections or any other political freedoms.

The Vietnam regime has been relatively independent for almost 34 years. The Communist dictatorship obviously considers its monopoly on power to be much more important than the Vietnamese people's right to freedom, including the right to choose their own leaders.

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