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June 14, 2007



If you want to shout your praise of Paul, or indeed want to just talk to fellow Paul Potts fans then you may want to have a little wander over to where you can get involved :)



This guy was very very good and said in the Final he will sing Nessun Dorma again.
I am not sure he will win Sundays final because he is up against a couple of 'cute' kids.

David Knight

Cute kids or not, if Britains know talent, and they vote talent, he wins in a landslide.

Michele Johnson

Wow, wow, wow, wow.......

We in NZ are blown away with Pauls voice - we have goose bumps too.
What an incredible talent.

Frank Warner

A question, Michele. Doesn't he seem more genuine in a regular suit? The tux hides his humble soul.

Dominique Vermeulen

Breathtaking, awesome, touching... can't say more because I'm speechless!!!

I wish Paul the best of luck with his life, he deserves it!

Miki Louch

Thanks for your review of Paul Potts' performance! He's a perfect example of the fact that anyone, everyone, has a point and has worth. I'm going to share this with my students. Great blog! Keep it up!!!

T J Winton

Paul's career has taken off, and rightly so. There are a few hundred videos of his performances on YouTube. He has just started a world-wide concert tour, and will be in North America in March. I already have my tickets to the Mesa, Arizona concert. YEA!
To find out where his concerts will be, check out his myspace page at .

Rob Jackson

I watched the show, listened to Paul sing, read the sceptic and the cynics posts on the fact he had prior training, Factored in the typical Cowell hype and the chance that the show was tailored just for Paul, and still I find it hard to listen without becoming emotional. His rendition of Caruso was just as mesmerising.

Stunning talent regardless.

If I could be remembered for just one single performance of such quality in my life I would die a happy man.

H Fuller

So here we are about two years after he won the competition, people are still discovering him and being deeply affected by his voice and his story. His second album is out and it is wonderful. I am so happy to be living in a time that we can discover people like Paul on the internet and be able to join with each other in our appreciation of his talent and simple ways.


Some amazing talent! Oh wow! I took a break from my work in surfing the net, and then I saw this site and made all the clicks on the link, and just like Amanda, I didn't notice there are tears running down my cheeks. Susan, Paul and Connie, you are all an inspiration! Thank you! :-)

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