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June 14, 2007



And I bet Pelosi's "100 days" is just ready to start now because, based on the progress of the actual first 100 days, it sure as shit couldn't have really started yet. Or has it? If it has, she has failed miserably and the Dems can't accomplish anything in Congress. And Harry couldn't even get non-binding resolutions passed on the war and the Attorney General. Well played, Dems -- NOT!

Their crap is not what I voted for in last Novembner's election. And they are not only against the president and the mission, they are against the troops. When they say otherwise, they are boldface liars.


I would hate to think you voted for a Democrat assuming something would change, but beyond that, nothing will happen as long as the Dem's are in control. Not saying the Republicans are better, but the Dems have done dick squat in nearly 5 months. Pelosi needs to step down and Dingy Reid needs to be convicted and thrown in jail since he's clearly broken the law. Why is it if a Republican is merely accused of improper behavior, he must resign, but these thieves still hold office? William Jefferson, Democrat - Louisiana, anyone? Tom Delay resigned with an indictment, why not William Jefferson?
I say vote them all out, Dem, Rep, ind, whatever, and start over. Couldn't do any worse. Bunch of defeatists, why don't they just stand up and wave a big white flag for Al Qaeda? "Well, the polls and news organizations say we're losing so I guess we should pull out." I know they have access to intel, so why is it I read it and see how much good we're doing and they can only apparently see the bad parts?

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