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June 28, 2007



Not as long as he keeps flying all over the place in his private jet. Or heating/cooling his massive home which uses 20 times the energy of the average home. But he buys carbon credits to offset this (from his own front company no less). What a scam. There is no global warming, folks, and the sooner we all realize that we can all get back to driving our SUV's in peace. As we all have heard recently, the environmental impact of the Prius is worse than 2 Hummer H2's. Between the mining of the nickel, shipping to Japan from Canada, and shipping the car to the US, the environmental cost of the Prius is twice as high as driving an H2. So go buy and H2 if you are concerned about the environment. The gas may eat you up but it's better for the earth than a Prius.

Christopher Taylor

You can lay 5 bucks down on this and it will be safe too. For 8 years the temperature has been going down, not up. The trend has ended, it was based on solar activities.


Supposedly, Al Gore has finally responded by saying "No, thanks" to the bet, that he has no time to take on any new projects.

jj mollo

The Belmont Club talked about the Prius vs Hummer issue a few months ago. There are a lot of good comments. Very long discusssion. IMO it, the original article, was made up whole cloth. The bogosity is exteme, but it has been very effective in taking the wind out of environmental sails. I see it again an again. The meme will not die. The power of disinformation should never be underestimated.

Here's another discussion about it on a car blog.

jj mollo


I think you are technically right, but if you look at this graph of global temperature over the most recent 28 years of data, the eight year trend doesn't seem so reassuring.

It's always hard to tell what's coming next on a graph. We could have peaked. I hope so. Nevertheless, the graph that is much more convincing to me is the record of CO2 in the atmosphere as measured from the Mona Loa weather observatory. It has a feeling of inexorable increase, complete with predictable seasonal fluctuations. People can say that CO2 is not a pollutant, and again I have to agree that they are technically correct, but CO2 does have its peculiar properties that cannot be dismissed. Is this increase enough to make a difference? I don't know, but I have to say that I find it very worrisome.

Frank Warner

That point about the other planets getting hotter is worth taking another look at.

I assume the other planets didn't recently start burning coal or driving gasoline-fueled cars.

Frank Warner

And has Al Gore actually turned down Professor Scott Armstrong's wager? I don't see any report on that.


I saw a report on TV Friday evening where it said Gore turned down the offer. But with Live Earth going on and US troops getting killed in Iraq and probably involved in atrocities like having to kill people who are trying to kill them, there is no air time to make Al Gore look like the weasel he is.


Is Al Gore Willing to Put His Money Where His Mouth Is?,2933,288492,00.html

Frank Warner

Thanks. I'll post that separately.


Brit is actually off of actually reporting on Fridays. Jum Engle generally sits in as he did this past Friday where he is reading the news stories, etc. Brit may or may not have written it. But Jim Engle reported it yesterday.


And since I've been up all night and can't type or think worth a shit by this time, it's actually "Jim Angle."

John G.

Actually, Dr. Armstrong didn't bet that the temperature wouldn't rise, just that the naive model (next period same as prior) would do a better job of predicting the temperature than would any more complex model that Mr. Gore might choose. Basically it underscores the fact that the forecasts offered to support the radical proposals of the global warming extremists are not scientific and are completely unreliable. As long as Gore has enough of the world buying his story he has nothing to gain and everything to loose by accepting Dr. Armstrong's challenge.

Frank Warner

John G., I don't doubt you're right. Please just explain a little more what the "naive model" is.

Doesn't "next period same as prior" mean global temperatures would stay the same? What does it mean? Which, if any, changes to the Earth's atmosphere or the sun's radiation are factored in, in the "naive model"?

Frank Warner

According to The Daily Pennsylvanian (at the University of Pennsylvania):

"Armstrong has challenged the former vice president to a 10-year bet, in which $10,000 from the two would be set aside in escrow as Gore pits his forecast of how much global temperature will increase during that time against a so-called "naive model," in which temperature would be expected to stay the same."

Doesn't the "naive model" practically guarantee average global temperatures would not change? Just checking.

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