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June 14, 2007



You're preaching to the choir with this one. The long term trend over dadeces is global warming. During that long term there will be lots of hot and cold fluctuations both above and below that global warming trend. When I hear the argument that you did I want to give the person a stupid slap. One comedian might say, Here's your sign. Some clearly don't understand. The others are either in denial or willing to risk it all for a bit more of what they consider the good life with the minor result of global warming. We're losing the ice at the poles. No cold snap will help that. How to turn that attitude around? I have no idea.


Depending what "long term" you select, the trend can be either way. The earth is not at its warmest point in time. It's been warmer before so why wouldn't we expect it to get warm again?

The global warming forecasts have been proven again and again to poorly predict future temperatures and sea levels. How do you maintain any faith in these forecasters?

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