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May 24, 2007



I wish you guys would quit fighting this brilliant bill. How else am I going to get the lawn mowed and house cleaned for $3/hr? Sure, it will cause unemployment among low wage Americans, since foreigners will work for less, forcing them to line up for the government boob.

But it's only POOR Americans. Who cares about them?


Yeah, brilliant! I agree. My lawn will not cut itself for $3 an hour. But seriously, this bill legalizes 12 million illegal immigrants, and then allows them to bring in several relatives with them? I think what we need to do is get back to the anchor baby law, making sure that illegals that are ready to pop don't wander in and give birth. I would be all for not even letting obviously pregnant women cross legally just in case. We could build a fence covering the entire border, but that would take forever and they would find a way to defeat it anyway. Don't forget a large portion of border is the Rio Grande, and you can't secure that. Another problem is a lot of cities are sanctuary cities, they don't make the cops arrest illegals for fear they won't report crime. Frankly, if an illegal gets robbed, and reports it, great, we'll still deport him. If he won't report it, then that's his problem because HE SHOULDN'T BE HERE ANYWAY! We could take care of the illegals easily but we choose to ignore what's sitting right in front of us. In Chantilly Virginia, there is even a shelter built for illegals to stand at waiting for day labor jobs. Why not send La Migra over there and just round them up and send them back?
Now don't think I hate hispanics, I'm married to one who's here LEGALLY. But she has cousins who are here ILLEGALLY, and one who just had a baby and will probably be granted citizenship because of this. Let's reward her for being here illegally by making her and her baby US citizens. Great. My wife's sister just married a German guy and it took him about 4 months to get his official citizenship status, so why is it such a bother for people to just do it legally?
Here's a thought, what do you think will happen if you cross illegally into Mexico? First, if caught, you will be arrested, thrown in a Mexican prison for God knows how long, then maybe if you are lucky you can bribe your way out, and you are then sent back to the US. Why can't we do the same to them that they do to us?

jj mollo

Is there any reason why they can't just enforce the current laws? Penalize illicit employers and seal the border.

Frank Warner

There is something good about bringing all these illegal immigrants out of the shadows.

There is something good about really controlling the borders.

Both of those things reportedly are in the new legislation. And obviously, nobody is enforcing the old legislation.

I do wonder how Congress came up with a 370-mile border fence, when last year it seemed 700 miles was necessary. Whatever. This compromise might work, if they honestly implement the border controls first.

No one has the heart, or lack of it, realistically to expel the 12 million foreigners who are here now illegally. Let them become Americans.

But then let's start regulating the flow of new immigrants, to stay 100 percent within the law. The 12 million will need time to assimilate. Let's let that assimilation happen.

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