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April 10, 2007



Sounds like scalping to me.


Please go back to my earlier comments when I said that it was going to cost more than $25 and that the tribe would soon declare franchise rights. Oh well, next comes McDonald's, Motel 6, etc.
I suspect that some eco-terrorism group will take the skywalk out in due time.

Frank Warner

Note: There already was a $50 fee to get into the park, but I'm fairly sure this other $50 is something new.

That's right, T-Bird. It's the proverbial ugly foot in the door. Soon a lot of other bad things show up.


Was the proverbial foot in the door ugly?

Regardless, this is an ugly situation. I agree this area will be commercialized before you know what happened. Wouldn't a casino on the edge of the Grand Canyon look cool?

Frank Warner

Why not construct an Empire State Building at the edge of the Grand Canyon?

Or paint a mile of the Grand Canyon blue. That could get some tourism dollars for a while.

Those would be the ugly foot in the door.

Yeah, ugly. In the proverb, you don't care about the foot of a beauty in the door.

At the Grand Canyon, inside the door was as beautiful as it could get. Whatever stupid men stuck in it would be, by stark contrast, ugly.


Bad road, high price, and deceiving information amounts to a bad experience. Do yourself a favor just stay away. Go to the South or North Rim and enjoy the view without the feeling something big has been shoved up your backside.

Michael J. Whatoname

Hey, airhead didn't you read the road signs, it is a county road. Not owned by the tribe. Hey Frank tell them how the road is really paved on the Reservation. No, not 700 hundred guys said that it will cost $25.00 dollars to see the Skywalk, I'll bet you stay up all night to think of things to say, huh. I'll bet your were a spoiled child, You never answered my question before, where does your trash go? You claim that we desecrated the Canyons, ask Teddy why he made it a Nation Park, after all it was he who desecrated it by doing that, look at the South Rim and North look at all of the development throughout these Parks, what do you call that. What is the difference? you may pay a small amount to get in, yet you pay just as much before you leave. Over crowed, think of all the trash it accumulates and where do you think it goes? Remember when a four stick could give a person the right to claim all the land they wanted, that was greed. What really built the Skywalk was a vision, not for you, however for the tribe, not the 700 so called ficticious number you claim. We have other revenue, not just the skywalk, why because we got educated and not we are equal to you, almost. We haven't lowered ourselves to your level, and even if the so called 700 men did we would still be above you, and your critics. We are not poor we have land, worth millons, we can do what we want with it. You know whats funny is that you cannot stop us. Never thought that education would make us equal, did you? so keep on talking your lies, who care's we don't they will still come just like Kevin Costners movie, ha-ha-ha, stick this in you coffee, or wherever, you like. bye bye cry baby, remember Imus?.

Frank Warner

I don’t want you left in the dark on how I estimated 700 unemployed (men and women) on the Hualapai reservation. That number was based on several news articles, including this one in The Washington Post, which said there are 2,300 people in the Hualapai tribe, and the reservation jobless rate is 50 to 70 percent. Other sources put the Hualapai jobless rate firmly at 70 percent, so I leaned toward the higher percent.

Usually, adults account for about half of any community’s population. That would make about 1,150 adults in the whole tribe. Fifty to 70 percent unemployed would be 575 to 805 adult Hualapai without jobs.

Now that the reservation has the Skywalk, the brainstorm of a Las Vegas tour director, how many of those unemployed Hualapai have moved into regular full-time jobs? How many do we expect to have full-time jobs 10 years from now?

Michael J. Whatoname

Then say that, don't mislead the public. I am not left in the dark. I live here on the reservation, so who else would know? You seem to be an educated person, yet to beleive hearsay sure does not show your intelligence! Frankie, it is non of your business, or anyone else at that! of what our unemployment rate is, was, or going to be. You have not done anything positive to preserve our integrity or contribute to our efforts, other than to degrade us. I have to admitt though, your lack of knowledge to distort us is totally your background, "incorrect", you should be ashamed of what you do, if you have morals you would. But obviously you don't. All the papers who you claim that mis-lead you, are just the same as you liars. Say Frankie, you have not answered my questions on where do you think your trash goes?, don't you make yourself sick knowing that you too contribute to destroying the environment, and desecrate the land we call the U. S. Just for thought, we recycle here! yep, all plastic, boxes, paper, tin cans, aluminum, and metal. So stick this in your next brainstorm, liar. Do you remember Iron Eyes Codys commercial, his vision was real.

Frank Warner

May your unemployment rate drop to zero.

jj mollo

So if you know better than Frank, why don't you just tell him what the correct numbers are and explain your position calmly. You resort to name-calling, ad hominem arguments, defensiveness, empty rhetorical questions, distortion of his statements, imputation of his motives, distortion of his name, selective readings, and emotionalism. Then you denigrate his intelligence.

This actually make me think your intelligence is high, because the denominator is apparently so low. You must be too young to be a construction worker. Though if you remember those commercials you must be too old.

Frank Warner

Hey, JJ, I like your detective work!

Michael J. Whatoname

Sir, would it not have been just so simple for you just to ask before you made judgement on us. Its funny how words can actually make a person humble with thought, and twist it around, who struck first? or did you and JJ forget?. What is it with the both of your intentions anyway? Why pick on our small tribe? What did we do to you? Does it hurt you so much to see AMERICAN INDIANS PROSPER! You and JJ don't know anything of our tribe, besides, what does old have to do with anything? I am but a simple man, no less, or no more just simple. I can tell you alot but I don't trust your motives. Apparently my denominator may not be as equal too the both of you, but then agian, what does it matter anyway?. I am a man, and will stand my ground. What did we do to either of you, what do you both want?. Lets meet at the Skywalk then we can talk of the truth!. Isn't this what the readers want to read and have fun over it. Isn't this what you two do best? Isn't this how you earn some of your money or your so called respect, anyway?.


Hey, Mikey. Why do you condescend to the "white man"?

And, while we're asking truthful questions, what is this crap?
>> Lets meet at the Skywalk then we can talk of the truth!.

Geez, you want Frank to pay into your "screw up the environment" fund by paying the $75 or more just to get berated by you some more?

You've really got balls.

Michael J. Whatoname

Hey, fool what does this have to do with New York! stay there, and revert back to your stories.

Frank Warner

Hey, let's all be nice. We might learn something.

I'm just curious about whether the Skywalk will actually create full-time jobs for many of the several hundred Hualapai who have been out of work.

Frank Warner

Reuters reported on March 5, 2007:

Sheri Yellowhawk, who oversees the tribe's business arm, hopes that the Skywalk will lure up to 500,000 tourists in the first year alone, shelling out $25 a time to walk out over the yawning abyss.

The project will create 150 new jobs for local people over the next two years, she believes, and could parlay into a larger-scale development in years to come, including a 300-room hotel and restaurant at the site, about 100 miles east of Las Vegas.

Frank Warner

Reuters on March 21:

Tribal traditionalist Wilfred Whatoname was opposed to the project initially but said he had come around.

"It's here now so I am hoping for the best. Maybe one day I'll come to embrace it," he said as he stood by the canyon with the wind blowing feathers braided in his hair.

jj mollo

Whether we know anything about your tribe is immaterial to the question of whether the Skywalk is an affront to the esthetics of the Grand Canyon. It is or it isn't. If you could read, you would know that I said it wasn't. I kind of like it.

You have called people here all sorts of names, bragged about your manhood and impugned our motives. I am sure your tribe is a wonderful group of people, but you, sir, are a boor.

Frank Warner

JJ, take a look at the name in that March 21 Reuters story.


I will say this again for the last time. The skywalk is a symbol of only one thing greed! Any excuse used for any other purpose will not be justified!

As I said soon you'll see fast food joints, hotels, more traffic, and man's foot print will be so hard on the environment.

This tribe isn't as poor as all are led to believe:

The Hualapai Tribe owns and operates five tourist-oriented enterprises.

1. The Grand Canyon West provides tourists with bus tours along the west rim of the Grand Canyon. The trip lasts approximately two hours and includes a barbecue lunch.

2.The Hualapai Lodge, which opened in June 1997, boasts 60 rooms, a gift shop, and a restaurant.

3. The Hualapai River Runners, the only tribally owned, river-running enterprise on the Colorado River, caters to a substantial summer-tourist market. Hualapai-guided raft trips carry visitors sixty miles from Hilltop west, to Pierce Ferry on Lake Mead. One-day trips are offered Monday through Friday; and two-day trips leave the launch point each Saturday.

4. Wild Life Hunting sells hunting permits for bighorn sheep, elk, turkey, antelope, and mountain lion (occasionally). Hunts take place on the tribe’s million-acre portion of the Reservation.

5. The Hualapai Arts & Crafts Enterprise produces custom-designed T-shirts, hats, and coffee mugs.

If this tribe is poor it comes from mismanagement of funds derived from its operations and government programs.

They just opened a new Police Department in 2002 with 12 positions starting pay for patrol officers is between $33,000 and $40,000.

There are 2,300 enrolled members of the Hualapai Tribe. The Hualapai Reservation is located in northwest Arizona and consists of one million acres with about 108 miles of the Grand Canyon and Colorado as its northern boundary. Highway Route 66 intersects the community of Peach Springs, the tribe’s headquarters.

The reservation is mostly rolling hills, rugged mesas, forests and breath taking cliffs and deep gorges. The weather is mild in Peach Springs with average precipitation of about 10-11 inches annually. It snows in the higher elevations of the reservation. Housing and acreage is available for rent or purchase within five to 30 minutes from the reservation. Kingman is the nearest city, about 40 minutes away.

There are K through 12th grade level schools on the reservation. The tribe operates various business including Grand Canyon West tours, a restaurant and motel, white water rafting down the Colorado River, trophy hunting & fishing and a cattle herd. The tribe, BIA and the U.S. Indian Health Serve are the major employers.

jj mollo

Frank, I'm not too surprised by the similarity. Names are subject to memetic drift in small populations, losing infrequent variants at predictable rates. In PA Dutch country, there is a Stoltzfus under every basket. "Begay" is a very common name among the Navajo. That's because it means "son of" in the Navajo language, which is as far as the census takers bothered to go.

Frank Warner

Well, the tribe we're talking about is smaller than some high schools. This ain't no distant relative.

Michael J. Whatoname

I may be borring to you, but then so are you to me. Good luck in saving Frank, JJ. The tribe doesn't need you two, like you need each others! bye.

jj mollo

Before you go, why don't you address T-bird's comment? Do you deny that you're rolling in cash? Maybe not as good as having casinos, but steadier, don't you think?

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