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March 22, 2007



It's already started and the primaries are still 9 months away. At least she didn't blame the "vast right wing conspiracy" for this ad. She's going to go after him, I'd keep an eye out for what happens to this de Vellis guy. Hillary holds vendettas forever.


De Vellis explored his creativity and expressed his freedom of speech at the same time.
I didn't see anything wrong with the Hillary 1984 video. In fact, it was kind of clever!. For me, he deserves more commendation than condemnation.

Frank Warner

A few Obama people have criticized him for falsely implying that they developed the video and were too cowardly to admit it.

There's a kernel of a complaint there, but de Vellis didn't take too long to reveal himself as the creator.

And other than that, no one is condemning him.


Dick Morris will tell you how vindictive Hillary is, I'd be careful where I step if I were this de Vellis guy. She is evil incarnate, and I think de Vellis would be wise to leave the country. I liked the video too, it wasn't blasting her so much but it gave her (I think) negative publicity and if it costs her points in the race she's likely to take care of him like she did Vince.


What's this "new kind of politics" - that a man who has no fresh ideas can be so appealing? I think it's been done before.


Forgot to ask, was Hillary doing her fake southern accent for this?

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