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March 07, 2007



(1) is incorrect based on this statement from a letter by Joe Wilson to the Senate Intelligence Committee: "I never claimed to have "debunked" the allegation that Iraq was seeking uranium from Africa. I claimed only that the transaction described in the documents that turned out to be forgeries could not have occurred and did not occur."

He later told the Senate Intelligence Committee when asked how he knew the documents were forgeries (considering the CIA did not have the documents when he went on the trip to Niger) that he had "mispoken."

Frank Warner

Exactly. When I offered $5 for anything Wilson found to "debunk" Bush, Wilson's letter was my Ace in the hole.

The $5 is safe in my bank.


So stealing and shredding classified documents is ok, but mispeak to the press and you go to jail. I think W should pardon him, heck look at who Klinton pardoned before he left office.

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