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February 26, 2007



Frank, there is good reason to expose this criminal and all of his deeds, or give news that causes hope for the future, but no one is as on top of the cuban situation than you.

Is it because you just hate seeing cubans enslaved, or do you know people down there or something? Just curious. Don't answer if you feel my question is too personal.

Frank Warner

I take modern slavery personally. Just as Lincoln said the Civil War probably was our punishment for slavery, most other wars come the world's way because too many people tolerate mass repression.

I was in Cuba eight years ago. It's a beautiful, crumbling place. The people are wonderful. While you're there as a visitor free to come and go, you quickly sense the injustice for the Cubans, hopelessly locked in the police state. They can dance; they just can't think outloud.

You also can't help but wonder how a sunny place like that was plunged into darkness so deep it nearly meant the atomic destruction of the U.S. East Coast.

Christopher Taylor

Like Bablu blog pointed out, the sudden, out of the blue statement that the Cuban Army is strong and happy is confirmation that there are problems. Why issue such a statement otherwise?

Where this will go is anyone's guess but I know Raoul doesn't have the revolutionary glow about him that kept Fidel in power and protected him from revolution.


Im a Canadian that wants to sighn up for the cuban army

jj mollo

They're petty particular Ryan. They wouldn't even take Lee Harvey Oswald.

Frank Warner

The Cuban army soon will be where the action is, especially if you want to kill Cuban democrats and die defending the police state.


The US Government won't let you go to Cuba, and to answer your qutiosen about their beaches, yes they are amazing.As I'm a Canadian I am allowed to go to Cuba and I've been there, the people are very friendly and the country is beautiful with amazing weather and very clean beaches and water.It's not full of terrorists, your government just wants you to believe that it's not a good place because of the embargo they placed on it many years ago. Cuba won't stop Americans from coming it's your gov't thats stopping you.Yes it's a communist country but unless someone tells you, you wouldn't know if you were there on vacation.

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