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January 20, 2007



Truly a great movie! One that a family can sit down and watch.

I'm not surprised about the Hollywood knuckle heads cutting National freedom but I was surprised they allowed the IRA to be mentioned.

Oh, it's a lovely country! I spent two weeks on a horse drawn carvan, fly rod (free fishing), and a pint of Guiness.

There are pubs that still play local tunes with violin, squeeze box, and vocals that bring tears to your eyes.

Frank Warner

I'll have to go back. It's been a while.

John W. Hurley

John Ford had relatives in Galway who were active in the IRA during the Irish War of Independence. He was a fan and friend of Ernie O'Malley an IRA officer and author of one of the most moving accounts of the war, "On Another Man's Wound". He lists O'Malley in the credits as "IRA consultant" I think. He wanted him on the set throughout filming and O'Malley's son Cormac appears in the movie as one of the children when Maureen O'Hara is asked about her bonnet for the race.
The setting of the film is also post the Irish Civil War which was bitterly fought in Kerry where the original short story was set (which is why the younger men are still *in* the IRA whereas Danaher with his "fine big house" would be a Freestater).
There are a number of sort of hidden themes in the film and Ford's Irish nationalism is definitely one of them!

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