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January 15, 2007



BRILLLIANT! Frank Warner for President (if he promises not to raise taxes of course:))!

jj mollo

Not to belabor the obvious, but if we can't get them to pay illegal immigrants the minimum wage, how are we going to get them to pay twice the minimum wage? How about enforcing the laws against hiring illegals?

Frank Warner

The obvious is that there are some laws too unpopular to enforce, and some laws too popular not to enforce.

Generally, the case has not been that employers hire illegal immigrants to pay less than the minimum wage. The argument has been that, at the minimum wage, "Americans won't do" certain kinds of work. That will change if the minimum wage is higher. (That's a benefit I neglected to place on the list.)

The fact is, minimum wage laws are much easier to enforce than laws against hiring illegal immigrants. No employer wants to be caught paying less than the minimum age. Government agencies enforce the minimum wage with gusto.

Lucinius Antonninus

How bout if we just put a bullet in the back of their heads instead?

Frank Warner

Now the non-murderers may comment.

jj mollo

There are many illegals who are abused by employers because the workers can do nothing about it. Employers are given carte blanche to do what they want with illegals because they are usually important people in the community. When a raid is finally scheduled, these employers are often the first to find out.

Frank Warner

My proposal would remedy that.

Frank Warner

More comments at No Left Turns on doubling illegal immigrants’ minimum wage.

Mitchell Young

The enforcement of immigration laws is actually very popular. It is only a minority of people that complain about it -- i.e. cheap labor employers, ethnic activists, the occasional libertoid.

And of course many times the hiring of illegals, esp day labor, is in fact to avoid paying payroll taxes, etc. So for that section of the illegals, this proposal will not work.

Finally, the economics is still wrong at 14.00 per hour. That is about 28,000 a year. There is no way a Mexican with a couple of kids in school is not costing us money at that wage -- his taxes in California would not even come close to paying the bill for 'educating' his kids. Two decades or so ago, the minimum wage was for high school kids working at McD's , who were still at home, on their parents health insurance, and of course no kids of their own. Now, in Cali at least, we have Mexicans getting minimum wage at McD's -- difference is we are all paying for their kids, their health care, and so on.


how about letting them work and do what they can. The united states is so damn worried about having too many illegals here that they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars deporting good people every year. Let people live where they have a future, let them love and marry who they want, and let them make their best future possible. This place is ridiculous. Illegals work their asses of doing so many things - that actually benfit americans.. they are building houses for people without them, they are buying our food and clothing- helping out or economy as well. Ridiculous... let them be.

jj mollo

The social cost of illegal immigrants far outweighs the contribution that each makes to our society. You are right. They are good people and I hate to see them deported, but we are just enabling unjust, inept and corrupt Latin American government, mostly oligarchies, by accepting this unending influx. There are just too many of them. Whatever it was that made our society successful is being washed away by the numbers.

The current situation is equivalent to a secret tax which is being used as a subsidy for our own unlawful elite. The common stock of America is being diluted to subsidize another country's population explosion and pamper people who are too "important" to mow their own damn lawns.

Frank Warner

Accept the foreigners who already are here and want to become Americans, but let's get 100 percent control of the borders so we can let these 12 million new residents assimilate.

I want those who have behaved themselves to stay, and I don't believe the overwhelming majority of Americans have the heart to deport them anyway. Whit, where are we spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to deport peaceful illegal aliens? My guess is, deportation of foreigners is fairly rare.

But let's put a guard at the door. First, let's create a door that can shut as well as open. Let in those new immigrants whom we've agreed to allow in. Do it at a generous pace, but not at an uncontrolled pace.

If we don't want to control U.S. borders, then we might as well declare the whole world the United States of America. Some people call that idea Manifest Destiny-Plus. Other people call it over-reaching. If everyone has a right to be here, then everyone is an American.

I hope we're all open to new ideas, but if we're planning to give the whole world U.S. citizenship, let's debate it first.


Problem with letting illegals stay is that they drive down the wages for honest legal americans. Skilled laborers are making half what the used to (drywallers, roofers, etc) because contractors hire illegals to do this work and drive down wages. Ok, so the homes become more affordable. NOT! The contractors then pocket the difference, and the only ones who benefits are the ones hiring illegals. I like Frank's idea, that might actually work if you could enforce it.

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