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January 16, 2007


Christopher Taylor

To be honest by now I expected the violence to calm down significantly but I didn't count on the incredibly lockstep, overwhelming opposition in the press. I expected the Bush administration to not be totally incompetent and clueless in public relations and propoganda (in the good sense). They suck at it, and for the life of me I can't see where they've even tried to make the case to the American people beyond a few speeches by the president.

Where are the ads, the posters, the movies, the radio interviews, the television shows, the parades down main street? They've done a terrible job and we're all suffering for it.

jj mollo

That's just the way the Press is. Bad news is like a cavity in your tooth. The Press is like your tongue, exploring all around the cavity. Once you have a cavity, it seems huge, and every other little nick seems like impending doom.

There is some justification in saying that the war in Iraq is worse than it had to be. Maybe things could have been handled better at some points. But in war you can be guaranteed that mistakes will be made. We made some bad ones in WWII, and maybe some folks wavered, expecting the worst. For the most part, however, we won because we wanted to win, because we expected to win and because we felt we had no choice but to win. Winning in Iraq depends merely on the commitment to do so, and it is really the only decent thing to do.

By the way, Christopher Hitchens believes now that Bush is blowing it.

Frank Warner

That has to be Hitchens' thinnest argument ever.

I'm not sure he ever gets around to saying how Bush is blowing it. Bush is blowing it because sometimes it appears we're siding with the majority Shiites?

If he's saying we're blowing it, he has to say how not to blow it. That piece was written on the fly.


Folks, its time for pullout! This "surge" as it is called will not work.

We are trying to solve something that is unsolveable!


I said in February of 2003 before we invaded we'd lose 1,000 people. Boy was I wrong. As an officer in the USAF, I'm not publicly allowed to question my Commander in Chief. I think Bush is a great man, who had poor advisors. I don't think it was right to go to war, but that being said, I have to back my President in his choices. I don't think the change in power nor the increase in troops will change anything. We know that now. We failed to understand the culture, learn the language, and account for the grip Saddam had on Iraq. I would equate this with Tito and Yugoslavia, once he died, it went to hell, as has Iraq. Let us not forget we still have troops in Bosnia et al and have for the past 10+ years. Thank you Bill Clinton for that. If anyone thinks we'll get out of Iraq anytime soon is smoking something. Let us not forget we had military bases in Iran up until the 70's, and now Iraq will turn into our new basing area. I intend to volunteer for Iraq duty in 2 years when I get ready to leave my current position, not because I believe that what we're doing is right, but more for career and personal reasons. I'm positive we'll be in Iraq in 2 years, in fact I think I'll retire (if I make it that far) in 2015 with troops still in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan. It won't make it right to pull out now, and all it does is slap in the face the 3,000+ who have died in this futile pursuit.

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