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January 19, 2007



Why would we pass a law that gives illegal aliens a legal status? I propose that, if we find illegal aliens, we deport them.

Frank wrote, "...I am suggesting that illegal immigrants pay for their own medical coverage, education and retirement savings -- totally outside U.S."

Oh, yeah. That's going to happen NOT! You expect people who are here illegally, getting paid illegally (all under the table with no taxes or Social Security withheld) to pay for their own health insurance, tuition, auto insurance and save money, too?

Frank wrote, "...we use economics and the law to assure all immigrants enjoy freedom and dignity from Day 1."

We have this now -- for the one million legal immigrants we get every year.

Supporting illegal aliens is supporting the worst type of corporate welfare. Service industries (including farmers who already get free payouts of taxpayer dollars) take advantage of these workers so they can pay below minimum wage. No minimum wage law is going to change that. Meanwhile, it puts a huge undue burden on our government paid medical, school and police services.

Just hire genuine U.S. citizens and let the free market do the rest. Certainly prices will go up but we're already paying the price anyway -- in more ways than most realize.

jj mollo

As I understand it, Frank's suggestion is somewhat diabolical. Since the US govt has been very proactive in enforcing payroll issues, they could be indirectly recruited by this method to nail the employers. If employers knowingly hired illegal aliens at half the legal wage, they would be setting themselves up for a load of trouble. Not to mention that there would be a huge problem with lawsuits whenever the illegal alien feels agrieved enough to demand his rights as an illegal. The employer might have to fork over a huge sum if illegals have been working there long enough. The illegals would out themselves for money and the employer would be indirectly fined without the government having to enforce the law. (The judiciary, however, would suffer from the workload, and lawyers would prosper.)

Frank Warner

The idea is not for government to support illegal immigration or illegal aliens. It is for those who bring them here -- or those who use their services once they get here -- to support them so well that government won't have to support them.

Yes, the idea feels odd because it's linking the law to unlawful activity. But we can't pretend illegal immigration doesn't happen, and we can't pretend we really will be deporting more than 10 million people here illegally.

We can shape the law to make everything better for everyone.

Christopher Taylor

Actually, it is socialism for the government to mandate minimum earnings for workers at any level. Unlike most conservatives I'm not 100% opposed to socialism at any level, but the minimum wage is economically damaging and tends not to help the people it's supposed to as much as it hurts others.


Most of what you say sounds workable, Frank, but I disagree with your assertion that illegal hiring will continue in any notable quantity. In fact, I think it would result in a relatively abrupt firing of a few million of them.

So I of course, support your plan. Legal immigrants and citizens will fill the gap, much like they just did in that Georgia plant that was raided by ICE.

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