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January 29, 2007


Christopher Taylor

So, is she saying that if confronted by evil men that she'd... marry them? Support their goals, cover up and lie about their misdeeds?

jj mollo

Most politicians are capable of vile acts. They would never have risen above dog-catcher if they weren't ruthless tacticians, and I'm not sure that the dog-cathers don't stab each other in the back to hold onto their jobs. To that extent, they're all bad. Most of them also have that peculiar personality that goes with charisma. They do bad things for the challenge and just for the fun of it.

The wide insinuation here that Bill Clinton was a "bad" man misses the mark entirely. As President, he wanted to be loved, and for the most part he was. But on his list, maybe third or fourth, he also wanted to do what was good for the American people. Most of our politicians have that desire as a goal. Some of these people, however, believe that they know best and will choose any means to impose their wills, no matter how it effects the state of our democracy, which they don't really believe in. Bill Clinton was not like that. You know, however, that there are people like that in Congress. Let's just say that I'm glad to see Tom Delay removed from office.

The further insinuation here that Hillary is incapable of defending herself politically because she's a woman is archaic and myopic. The woman is a shark! And I mean that in the nicest way. I also believe that she has the welfare of the American people first and foremost in her thoughts. She has endured a lot of humiliation to prove it. Is it lust for power? Of course! But power for a reason. She obviously doesn't have the same need to be loved that Bill has.


I hear Bill was loved in the Oral office, but it wasn't Hillary "Love that blue dress, Monica, want a cigar?" ;)

Seriously, do have any clue as to the bad things that are linked to the Klintons? Whitewater-gate? Files with her fingerprints all over them mysteriously re-appearing in the Whitehouse? Her downright vindictive ways of dealing with people? There are people out there who have crossed her whom she will personnally sick the FBI, IRS, CIA, NSA or whatever agency you can think on them. When was the last time you saw Bill with Hillary? They are "married" only in the legal sense. If you think she has the welfare of the people first and foremost on her thoughts I want some of what you are smoking. Then again, if you are a Klintonite, you don't inhale. She's a socialist, she'll decimate healthcare, tear up the military, raise taxes to record levels, put the country back economically and politically all the while pursuing this Mcarthy-esque revenge on everyone who looked at her funny. Do not underestimate her lust for power, she has already spread false stories about Barack Obama (see, and the race really hasn't begun yet. The media will portray her as this savior and the right woman to be elected, but get real it's all about the Klintons getting Bill back into the Whitehouse. Bill is a fervent supporter to eliminate the 8 year limit on Presidents, BTW, I'm sure he's getting a stiffy just thinking about what he can do with a new crop of interns in the White house this time.

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