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December 28, 2006



"When it was written, the Quran was a catalyst for the liberalization of societies, for the opening of minds, for the civilized rule of law."

Frank, you're wrong on this. One could only reach this conclusion by reading select verses from the Koran; not by looking at the whole.

The Koran is a collection of verses -- many of which are contradictory -- that suited the changing mood of Muhammad. Revelations are substituted over time through abrogation. There is much disagreement about which verses have been abrogated and which verses replaced them but it is widely agreed in Islam theology that the newer revelations take precedence. Osama bin Laden correctly notes that the violent material in the Koran were in newer revelations than the relatively tolerant material. Some argue that OBL "cherry picked" his verses but his was a very ancient notion. In fact, to view the Koran as tolerant, one would have to cherry pick verses.

The peace and tolerance verses in the Koran were revealed at Mecca. The violent (e.g. "slay the unbelievers wherever you find them") verses were revealed later in Medina. As such, they abrogate the earlier verses and reveal the last word on jihad.

In other words, Muhammad gave peace a chance and then understood that jihad was the better course.


I agree with George. Having actually read the Koran and many books about it and the life of Mohammed, I probably even know what I'm talking about.

The Koran is an illiterate, ungrammatical rant about booty, jihad and killing infidels and Jews. There is nothing at all about it that is impressive or enlightening. Scholars say that about one-fifth of the verses are pure nonsense.

So where does Blair and this Blog get these strange ideas?

Please, do look up the surahs in the Koran that show its enlightenment as you and Blair describe. Provide us with the specifics, the verses, the quotes. But you can't, as they do not exist.

jj mollo

Well, I haven't read the Koran and don't intend to, but I do know this. As long as Religion insists on the inerrancy of vague and conflicting scripture, as long as Religion excludes the findings of Science and the revelations of the Enlightenment, we will have to fight religious fanatics who can't accept the norms of society.


i'm muslim , first of all please make a diffrence between the words in koran and what the muslims do in their live , because as i know its absolutely different

second the sentence in koran that order muslim for war , are for defence war only against people whom need to destroy the muslim new country not for occupay other lands. please read the sentence carefully then make your opnion.

thank you

Mohammed Abd El-Salam

"Please, do look up the surahs in the Koran that show its enlightenment as you and Blair describe. Provide us with the specifics, the verses, the quotes. But you can't, as they do not exist."

I suggest to read this book "Was Prophet Mohammed Murdered? for Thor Speare

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