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December 30, 2006



Oh cmon Frankie save that crap. Saddam was CIA puppet and will remain as such in our memories. This execution during Muslim holiday is just going to worsen situation in Middle East and create more dissent with Bush's policies. I reckon this is orchestrated by G.W. Bush's political opponents to accuse him later on of major Middle East policy blunders and impeach him before presidential elections. Let's wait and see until my prophecy is fulfilled.


Take a look at these sites and tell me again that Saddam Hussein didn't need to be executed:
Victims of Saddam's Regime

George W. Bush had the clarity to recognize Saddam Hussein for what he was and the backbone to do something about it.

I prophesy that the world will be a much better place (overall) without Saddam Hussein. Let's wait and see until my prophecy is fulfilled.


Oh, one more note.
Boratino, thou art a false prophet.


Read the following time line details and before answering think about the questions:

Was Saddam executed because of what he did or was it an end to justify the means?

Where did Saddam get the chemical and biological agents he used against his people? Do you believe there was a western bio/chem team there to study the results?

Did Saddam invade Kuwait because of a false pretense or promise made to him by a foreign power?

Now that Kuwait is free and Iraq is slowing becoming somewhat a free but divided country, why hasn't the oil prices dropped?

The average Iraqi will tell you that the infrastructure under Saddam was better than after his removal from power. Why? We didn't blow it up, so why are we in there with massive engineering support?

I think if you read the 9-11 report you'll understand that we basically shot ourselves in the foot long before the 9-11 tragedy and Gulf Wars.


Answer: Because of what he did.

Answer: Saddam obtained components for his WMDs from Western countries by obtaining dual-use items. They were chemicals and/or technologies sold for other purposes. The U.S. never sold WMDs to Iraq.

Answer: No.

Answer: The oil prices have dropped. Remember when gas was $3.25 per gallon?

Answer: "You can't fix in six months what it took 35 years to destroy."
- Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iraq's first democratically elected
Prime Minister in half a century

Much of Iraq's infrastructure was destroyed in Gulf War I. Saddam did little to restore it outside of Baghdad and the Sunni triangle. Gulf War II attempted to preserve it as much as possible but the damage had already been done. What remained after Gulf War II was a decrepit infrastructure made from obsolete technology which had to be replaced from the ground up; repairing it in many cases was not an option.

Question: Do you think we should have left Saddam in power simply because he more infrastructure? What's the point of your question?

Requirement: Now go back and view those links I provided a look at these sites and tell us that Saddam Hussein didn't need to be executed.

Frank Warner

Weapons of mass destruction had almost nothing to do with Saddam Hussein's killing 2 million people through mass executions, wars and starvation.

Most of the people he murdered died of conventional means or ancient methods.

As for his 1990 Kuwait invasion, April Glaspie simply said the U.S. wasn't going to stick its nose in Iraq's border dispute with Kuwait. She didn't say invade. What Glaspie said was equivalent of a neighbor saying she planned to stay out of a boundary dispute between two other neighbors. That doesn't mean the outside neighbor supports one neighbor's breaking into another neighbor's house, claiming the house, and raping and killing everyone there.



Please enlighten us with your sources. I gave you mine to read before you asked or answers questions. What is your source for "we didn't sell Iraq WMDs?"
What is your source for oil, not gasoline, but oil prices coming down?
I ask you to go back and read my source. It took me almost a week to read and digest what was being said. Yes, the infrastructure worked better while Saddam was in power but I didn't say Saddam made it work. Just like Patton had to go against orders by using Nazi members to run the his area of control we could have done the same in Iraq, we could have left the Ba'th party members running things.

Yes, They have a democracy now, T.E. Lawrence tried to set it up in Damacus too. But WE set things in motion that were wrong as far back as 1980 to present day.

Did Saddam deserve to hang, yes. I've seen the pictures of his work, I have reviewed and visited the sites, and I'm here to tell you that the USA set things in motion in the 80's that Saddam's death was to our benefit.


TBIRD, I saw nothing in your source that says the U.S. sold WMDs to Iraq.

You want me to prove a negative. You want me to prove that we didn't do something that we never did.

Chemicals (non-weapons) were sold by US companies for farming purposes. Chemicals that are STILL used for farming purposes EVERYWHERE in the Middle East. When chemical weapons were used in the Iran vs Iraq (Cold War) era, Rumsfeld made a special visit to ask Aziz to STOP using the weapons. That's the point in time where the US stopped supporting Iraq.

Even in the case of biological agents (most typically anthrax), we gave samples to Iraqi universities at a time when any good university in the world could have obtained them for research purposes. These most definitely weren't WMDs or intended to be used as WMDs.

The problem with Iraq's infrastructure is that it is obsolete and decreptit and is being subjected to sabotage. Using Ba'th party members wouldn't have solved that problem in my opinion.


Oh, and regarding oil, spot prices are down in the $55-$60 range from highs of $70-$75. Regardless, what's the point?

Does that mean we should have left Saddam free to murder, rape, torture, invade countries and pursue WMDs?

By the way, why do you go recirculating that tired and disproven meme that the US gave Saddam approval to invade Kuwait? Even Tariq Aziz, who was present at that infamous Saddam-Glaspie meeting said it never happened. He said, "She didn't give a green light, and she didn't mention a red light because the question of our presence in Kuwait was not raised."



This is why I know you not reading what I have posted because you have accused me of writing the following statement and it wasn't me you were quoting:

"By the way, why do you go recirculating that tired and disproven meme that the US gave Saddam approval to invade Kuwait? Even Tariq Aziz, who was present at that infamous Saddam-Glaspie meeting said it never happened. He said, "She didn't give a green light, and she didn't mention a red light because the question of our presence in Kuwait was not raised."

I think if you STOP and truly read you'll see it was Frank Warner who quoted that. So while you're are picking your credibility off the floor, I again say show me your sources!

By the way, government agencies used commercial front companies to sell and distribute items through a license that circumvents the Arms Control Act.

By the way, convince me hard since I worked for one of the front companies.

jj mollo

We can beat ourselves on the chest for all our sins, but it doesn't change the past. No one could have known what a monster he was. We have a system that is corruptible, that allows money to flow around the edges of policy. This is not news. Of all the countries in the West, however, the US was the most innocent in supplying Saddam with arms. Russia and France were the worst, and this has been documented previously on Frank's blog.

I am absolutely relieved that Saddam is dead. I don't really care how he got that way. Some argument could be made that he should have been kept alive as long as he continued talking, but in the final analysis, he was just too dangerous to live. I would go further and suggest that they boil his body in lye and incinerate the result. The chance that his DNA might be cloned someday is just too frightening.

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