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December 09, 2006



Thanks for the link and the endorsement, Frank!

Yes, IEDs are very serious and they kill US troops almost daily. At the same time, Marines are borderline insane and their sense of humor has always been grim, to say the least.

Most reporters and civilians don't understand that, though, and try to turn their inside jokes into something more than it is. So your words of caution are probably well-deserved.

God bless the Corps.


Frank, this was on your site, Frank, back on Dec. 4. Check the comments.


You can ignore the extra Frank, Frank. ;-)

By the way, I was going to ask you why you didn't ask Capt. Eric Coulson if he had seen this video. I guess you hadn't seen it yet.

Frank Warner

George, I remember you sent me the link, but I was on a phone line at the time, and it took to long to download. It is a masterpiece.

Maybe I'll ask Capt. Coulson about it. I think he's going to get back to me soon to tell us more about Ramadi.

And Murdoc, does anyone know who made "IED Hunter"? I'm not sure many actors could have carried that off so well.


The film has credits at the end (of the main part):

Cpl. Hover

Directed by:
Cpl. Hover

Camera Director:
Cpl. Hodges

Dialogue Coordinator:
Sgt. Huynh

Music by:
Cpl. Hodges

Opening Scene:
Cpl. Hodges

Safari Shorts by:
Lcpl. Ritzheimer

Extra Memory Card
For Camera Provided by:
Sgt. Poister

Catering Provided by:
KBR Logistics

Special Thanks to:
Sgt. Halsey
For Letting Me Buy a
Really Expensive Camera

Frank Warner

Cpl. Hover. Well, he's got star power. That scene wrestling with the artillery shell was another classic!

Who else could swim through desert sand and somehow look like this was logical?

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