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December 09, 2006


Paige Mead

Megan was my sister and my hero. She was amazing. I met Megan as a competitive gymnast over 20 years ago, and it is a great comfort to read some of the comments from others who knew her. She has obviously touched so many people in such a profound way. There was no one like her.

Don Jones

Capt (made Maj while I was embedded) McClung and I jousted many times over her desk at the PAO Office in Camp Fallujah. She made fun of me for "policing up my area" (my trailer room) like a "Good Marine". Her wit and humor, her sense of duty and humanity made it a pleasure to work with her.

She was a nice lady, a great Marine, and someone who never cut me any slack, took any of my shit, but always came through on my request. She was the prime mover in getting me embedded with Lima 3/5, and my resulting story. Today is a pretty shitty, sad day for me.

Frank Warner

Don, thanks for writing. Your sentiment seems to be shared by just about everyone who met Maj. Megan McClung.

I understand your son was in Iraq. Is he still there?

For a look at Don Jones’ writing on Iraq, click here.

Russell Shattles

I met Megan in Baghdad when she was a PR rep for KBR at LOGCAP. I often escorted her around Baghdad and to Cp. Victory. She was an awesome person who would do anything for you. What I remember most is her nature to be a good listener. It was her best trait as a PR person and endeared her to many people who probably spent more time talking to her than listening to her. She was very sweet, but also strong and you just knew immediately she was a good Marine. Everyone's little sister. RIP.

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