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December 05, 2006


jj mollo

Capt. Coulson sounds like a very level-headed individual. Good interview. I especially liked his answer to your question concerning the definition of liberal. It didn't reveal a lot about conditions in al-Anbar, but it sure gave us a measure of the man's analytic powers. I was particularly struck with the confidence he displayed concerning his ability to handle IEDs and his feeling that the war is necessary and winnable.

IMO, this interview exemplifies the character of our officers and the impressive capabilities and commitment of our military personnel. I have been told repeatedly that our standards are going down and that our troops are merely victims. I just don't see how people can find that picture realistic.

I would like to elaborate on your statement that all sane people oppose war. They are also able to recognize situations where war represents the best available option.

Frank Warner

JJ, I call that joining the war. Long before the 2003 invasion, Saddam was at war with "his" people. He also was at war with us, by his repeated violations of the 1991 cease-fire terms.

It's not that we had an option of war or no war. Today, we're simply fighting back. We're trying to end the war by winning it.

Frank Warner

I'll have some further thoughts tomorrow (later today).


Thank you for this great interview. You truly are patriot. :)


Great job, Frank!

Did you see that you're a finalist in the Weblog awards?


Wow! Frank really is a 2006 Weblog Awards Finalist. Way to go Frank! You earned it.

Frank Warner

I have to check this out. What is a finalist?


Someone (well, me) nominated you in the category for your site size (based upon incoming links) and the Weblog Awards staff selected you as one of the top ten in your category.

Voting starts tomorrow. It's basically a popularity contest type thing, with a very Detroit-like "vote early and vote often" system that allows each voter to vote once per day per category. Voting is open to anyone, and you can vote for yourself. So it's only slightly more reliable than the Oscars...

You can get yourself a Finalist badge to put on your site and everything.


Bahahahah! He sends postcards to his wife and dogs! Too funny. Man, our military personnel rock. Imagine going through what they do every day, and still have a sense of humor about things.

Can you email him again to ask where to send care packages (ala for his unit? I'd appreciate it.

Frank Warner

Kevin, I can give you an address, but Capt. Coulson asked me not to post it.

He said his company gets lots of food and things from the U.S. What they'd like more is cards and letters.

His company has 111 people, including those two women. Start writing.

Frank Warner

Kevin, e-mail me at wakingup at ptd dot net.

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