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November 01, 2006



Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki bowed to Sadr’s wishes.

and we bowed to maliki's wishes in turn, so it's not like we gave in to terrorists. no, not at all.

jj mollo

Before the kidnapping of their soldiers, the Israelis would respond to provocations by shelling Hezb'allah positions. The HB would call the Lebanese government, the Lebanese government would call the Israeli government, and the shelling would stop.

This was a strategic decision. When you want to help a partner grow strong, you have to give it areas of responsibility and honor its wishes -- even if it means tactical embarrassment.

Frank Warner

Ben, take a look at how JJ examines things. Concise, but also thoughtful.

Please don’t oversimplify. There is a balancing act going on in Iraq. That nation has a democratically elected government, and we have to respect that. On the other hand, Americans are risking lives trying to make this democracy work. The Iraqis have to respect that.

The question is, why does Maliki bend so easily to Sadr? Given Sadr’s excesses, why wouldn’t Maliki want to arrest Sadr and put down the Mahdi Army? Would that move be too explosive right now? Is Maliki waiting for a better moment? When?

Of course it’s not so simple as, “we gave in to terrorists.” Think deeply and you might discover something that frees millions from war and repression. Shallow thinking will only get us stuck in Iraq.

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