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November 28, 2006


jj mollo

Sadly true, with some exceptions.


You need to be freed from your own stupidity Warner. Your shit-for-brains "reporting" has led this country into an unparalled disaster and all you can do is get nasty with those trying to put things in perspective.
The corporate owned media has given Bush a free ride and the sociopathic fool has proven what happens when the village idiot takes power (read: he stole both elections)

Frank Warner

Another Democrat rooting for success in Iraq.

Notice the name, "Democrats rule." It's not "Democrats liberate." It's not "Democrats defend the defenseless." It's power for power's sake.

jj mollo

Frank, I think this is an excellent excerpt of Democratic groupthink. Abizaid, and the other generals, have been regularly saying level-headed intelligent things to no avail. Where is the defeat? There is a threat, for sure, that various unsavory parties could gain position at the expense of Iraq and the US, but it is still only potential. There is cruelty, violence and death, but there is no defeat. Not yet. Not unless such people as Laura Logan seize it from the jaws of victory.

The real defeat lies only in the hearts of the tranzi-crats who believe that the concept of nationhood is dead. They can't stand the sad truth that the US must continue to defend itself as vigorously as we did in WWII. I'm not happy about it either, but neither am I willing to accept defeat for internal political purposes.

Frank Warner

Yes. The idea is, end this war in a way that makes another war much less likely. End this war with a free Iraq.

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