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November 01, 2006


jj mollo

Kevin, I agree with the word "magic". Market capitalism brings out the best. It is amazingly effective. But it is also, like government, dangerous if not controlled. Excessive concentration of power and money is destructive to a country. The elistism of the rich and the corruption of our leaders are the major causes of the growing disparity between rich and poor.

An important function of the government is keeping business honest and under control. For instance, the SEC should be funded. Business laws should be enforced assiduously. Truth in advertising should be enforced. Monopolies and cartels should be broken up. Lobbying should be regulated. When does regulation cross the line of too much? That is an area open for discussion. For instance, should the IRS be fearsome or toothless? There is a downside to both extremes. Should political manipulations be allowed to influence regulation? Absolutely not! This is why we have to watch government so closely. Now, should environmental policies be enforced? I think this is one of your big issues. I say absolutely. This issue has already been hashed out in the legislative arenas, which is where it should happen. If you have a beef with it, take it up with your Congresscritters. The failure to carry out the true sense of the legislative intent is the mark of an “activist” administration, in substantial violation of the law, by omission at least. I’m willing to bet that the Republicans are unwilling to run on a platform that includes substantial weakening of any environmental protection legislation.

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