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November 29, 2006



Drudge links to a similar story on Somehow, it is no longer there. You can bet if it were something stupid that Newt Gingrich said, it would still be there. In fact, CNN would probably have three stories on it and prominent coverage.

Frank Warner

I tried to call that up, too. My guess is, it's the same story as the day before. But I don't know why Drudge or CNN would get to that story so late.


Excellent post and very logical.

Of course al Qaeda is in Iraq. 7,000 have been caught/killed in just the last two years there...,23599,20840551-38201,00.html

and of course I've argued at my own humble little blog,, that terrorists and al Qaeda have long been in Iraq, though not in the numbers that they were post invasion.

I like the blog overall too. Nice work Frank.

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