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November 30, 2006



Well what to say about you damn my foot and nothing but you know that Islam is the religion of Peace and brotherhood but you damn Westerns love suck thier asses and be in thier asses ... now you guys tell me what the hell right you have to kill a Muslim by putting the name of Al Qaeda on them????? I loved that Hitlar who used to Kill your damn called brothers of ya like animals Im takin about f-- jews and so the ass Christians they although know that there are four religions which have came from the Allah and the last and the real one of them is Islam but why you do so ....?? or else you are blinds???? just got it now and ya we cant and we wont draw catoons of Jessu coz he was one of the Allah's Prophet but before Muhammad (PBUH) so now here is the diffirence I know you all know that Islam is the true religion but you dont want to accept it coz you guys under the blue~!

Frank Warner

Borat? You there?


Weren't we about to beat up the mahdi army just a few weeks ago and Maliki told us to stop? I don't believe that the reason he is failing to curb terrorism is because America is not doing enough for him. I think it's because he has fallen into Al Sadr's pocket.


I notice that Frank is too afraid to address Haseeb's statements directly. It is a weak debater who makes fun of the interlocutor rather than address the issues. Frank, answer his questions!

"Are we blinds"? I would like to add, "and if so, are we the vertical or the horizontal type?"

"Can we kill muslims by putting the name 'al qaeda' on them?" Which begs the question, "if tattooing 'al qaeda' on a terrorist would kill them, isn't it still more difficult than just shooting them?"

And most importantly, "why do you so?" I think he meant 'sew', and it's a deep question indeed. With the massive increase in technology of non-woven fabrics, is there any reason to continue wearing sown clothes? Or is he talking about sewing seeds into the Earth?

When someone takes the time to put together such a thoughtful statement as HasseB did, it's an insult to leave his questions unanswered. You kind of owe him.

Frank Warner

On the Mahdi Army, I think Maliki hasn't acted for at least two reasons.

First, he didn't want to upset Iraq's delicate political coalition. And second, with the Iraq army still not strong enough, he was willing to let Sadr protect the local Shiites.

Of course, Sadr does more than protect the Shiites. He goes after innocent Sunnis and has them killed. That is what Maliki must end.

But there are a lot of other things in Iraq that must be brought under control before you can arrest Sadr and deal with a Sadr City out of control.

jj mollo

Yes, Frank. You have been tatooing the Venetian blinds blue~? This is very painful, and it makes bad cat toons. We should kill you for mocking the Religion of Peace. Are you an ass Christian, or one of those other four? Can't you see it is the real one? It is told true by the Marquis Al-Sadr!

Frank Warner

I wonder what "under the blue-" means.

jj mollo

Maybe he drank too much and blue~ his lunch.

Dick Stanley

"...damn my foot..." Obviously the man needs a good podiatrist (PBUH).


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