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October 26, 2006


jj mollo

This time there won't be any helicopters at the embassy because no one will trust Americans to save them.


What is the American obsession with screwing your allies by pulling out your troops when they're doing fine?

Frank Warner

It's the four-year rule.

A third of any nation gives up as any battle begins. But here, another third never give up on freedom. And yet, it's that last third here that goes soupy soft after four years. That last group is sort of supportive, but easily moved otherwise.

The Iraqis have to show us soon that they're taking their own security seriously.

It sure doesn't help when polls of Iraqis say shooting Americans is justified, and then the Iraqi prime minister yells at us. The tone is "Yankee, go home." The panicky whisper is "Don't ever go."


Most smaller wars take way more than four years to finish. It's quite clear to me that all the most powerful party typically requires to win a counterinsurgency war is patience.

In Vietnam, the lesson was that the Communists were more pateint than America. They couldn't win, so they simply waited for America to leave and took over. Are we going to find out that the Islamists too have more patience than America? I hope not.

I suspect if you give up and stop fighting them over there, soon enough you're going to be fighting them on your home turf. That's not something I want to see happen.

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