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October 15, 2006



I heard someone claiming to be a military expert on the radio last night saying that if war broke out, N. Korea could rain a hundred thousand rockets an hour down on Seoul for days, and there is not much anyone could do to stop them until most of the damage was done!

No idea if it's true or not.

jj mollo

I have read something similar in numerous contexts. The question is, do we have any reason to believe that such an action is related to anything we do? Maybe he'll start shooting when he doesn't get his lobster for a week.

To allow ourselves to be deterred from attacking, we have to be able to rely on the hostage taker to be subject to rationality. Should we wait until he starts shooting little girls before we send in the SWAT team, or should we pick a time of our convenience when his guard may be down? It depends on whether we think there is a chance that he won't ever shoot. I don't have confidence in that premise. It's looking more and more like NKor will not be collapsing and that Kim Jung Il could live as long as Castro.

Frank Warner

This appears to be clear evidence that poverty does not cause revolutions.

Revolutions cannot be fought without calories.

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