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October 05, 2006



Meanwhile the Senate threatened to pass legislation to move backward in Hawaii.

Christopher Taylor

I'm not sure how you can help people who've reached this point. It's not just the tribes in America, many poor in America have gotten so used to living off the government they have no ambition, no motivation, and little pride or sense of personal responsibility. If you remove any motivation to achieve and any drive to accomplish something, only the remarkable will do so.

And that's the legacy of government handouts.

Melinda D`

I am an enrolled Blackfeet member. There are only about 16,000 living Blackfeet, not 85,000 as noted above. Maybe that is the total since the early 1800s. The natives are nothing more than wards of the government. Their job is to sit around and wait for their monthly allotment. This would take the incentive away from any normal person. Secondly, the land the Natives were given is mostly deserty or the land no one else would want. Nothing will grow on it, not even gophers. If anyone wants to know what living under communist or socialist rule is like, take a drive to any Indian Reservation. They need to be given their freedoms, and untied to the govt. strings. They will need like funds to start up something, so as much as I had to admit it, the govt will have to give them some funding to get a fresh start.

jj mollo

And then it will have to give them the opportunity to fail.

Frank Warner

It's staggering that this doomed system persists. Congress knows the harm it does. American Indians are like everyone else. If anyone else were in such a reservation system, their propensity for short lives without hope would be the same.


Your information is not correct the Lumbee is not a "reservation" and are not a federal recognized or acknowledged tribe .they only self-identfy as "Indians"they are and have been historically listed as "Mulattos" or negro and have not irrefutably prooven native ancestry they have no native names,no native language or customs and have never spoken one and have never been a sovereign nation of indians just "individuals"living the same as any other american but recently began to mimick other plains tribes ,I do not find them to be genuine Indians in any manner and they have also failed modern DNA test for Indian DNA all their test have come back European and african no native dna markers,has been attributed to this invented tribe so please do not include them with treaty and historic reservation Indians as they are not,they are not even sure of their real name as any kind of tribe,dont do "trail of tears "indians the people that suffered an injustice and removal by including self-identified groups or culture clubs that had no part in it,no treatys ,no removal,no wars.

Robetr Y

please correct your information the Lumbee is not a Reservation and does not qualify as one and is not even a federally recognized tribe and the ancestry of this lumbee group has not been verified and is of debate,most lumbee have been simply identified as "Mulatto'black or white and not Indians in historically.Does not fall under reservation issues.

Tony Franklin

the Lumbee are not a Historic tribe of native american historically and have not suffered reservation issues and have lived as normal state citizens same as any other North carolina person,never as government wards as Indians of Rez were they only self -identify as some uncertain origin based on family myth only and guesses by some lumbee paid researchers,

they became listed as Indians for political votes and Lobbying and have No Indian language or customs and have never had any documented and have always spoken english and were listed as Black ,white or a mixed mulatto person,
the colonial census sent to count Indians by the Governor of their area Bladen/Robeson County listed "No Indians" or arm stores in County but listed a band of Negros and Mulattos that shot a surveyor,they are bi-racial isolates similar to creoles or maroons not an Sovereign Indian Tribe at all that is fabrication and un-verified and they have never been a Sovereign Tribe of Native Americans
they can best be described as baseless Claimants or person that self-identify as Indian based on family Myths of the Lost Colony of Croatan.

Please do not count such groups when talking about reservation issues to include non reservation non-dawes persons



Cyotie J

i live on the reservation and it sucks the government sucks i think all whites should get your crap together and go back to your land the First Americans have had enough

Cyotie J

Wyle E. Coyote

I think you should get your crap together and get off the reservation.

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