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October 15, 2006



So, if Iraqis aren't interested in democracy, why did so many show up to vote?

Frank Warner

Good point. When in history have so many people, faced with credible death threats, stood together for democracy?

jj mollo

I kind of doubt that the good citizens of the US, being a disputatious and fanatically religious lot, were ever exactly "suited" to democracy. Somehow we have managed to muddle through, and every once in while things actually improve.

jj mollo

That being said, Clint Eastwood is someone I take seriously. It is my impression that he is a thoughtful man and capable of listening as well.

Frank Warner

Agreed. But I can't help but be disappointed in his throw-away line about a country that doesn't seem suited to democracy.

Which country is suited permanently to dictatorship? And who says so? The dictator?

Christopher Taylor

I think Mr Eastwood would listen... had he anyone talking sense to him. He's in Hollywood, the man is surrounded by the likes of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

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