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October 13, 2006


Borat the Dad

Jill's Miraculous Escape. There's no such thing as Bigfoot.

Jill Metzger went out for shopping. Unfortunately for her, she met Bigfoot and he abducted her. Or so she claimed.

USAF OSI agents organized a search&rescue operation to find her, but, alas, with no success. She was found by herself a few days later.

When reporters tried to ask her questions about her ordeal, her response was:
"I came to my senses in a cave. I could hear a stream nearby and there were rays of light coming down on me from a hole in the ceiling. Borat - that's how I called the creature afterwards - was sitting opposite me. He was baring his teeth, as if he was infuriated. I realized later that it was just his smile. The hairy animal came up to me and started sniffing my clothes. Then he roared and tore my clothes to pieces. My heart was about to explode with horror, but he continued sniffing me until his nose stopped near my groin. He roared again and threw himself over me."

When Jill woke up the next morning, she realized that she had become the prisoner and the wife of the hairy creature. When Borat was going out, he would cover the entrance to the cave with a big stone, leaving no way for the Jill to escape. Borat would always bring something to eat - berries, nuts, mushrooms, eggs or raw meat. The terrible sex with the animal became a daily torture for Jill. However, the 'beauty and the beast' started developing a relationship. Borat showed interest in the girl's CD player. Jill had only one CD with her - best hits of the Michael Jackson.

One day, before leaving, Borat covered the entrance to the cave with the stone as usual, but did not notice a small gap that the stone left. It took a great effort for Jill to sneak outside, but when she finally succeeded to get out of the cave, she started running without making a stop. When she saw people in the Kant town, she finally realized that she was free.

"Her parents took Jill to our hospital, - Dr. Dolittle said. - The girl was mental; all I could hear from her was that she had been married to a Bigfoot for a year. She never managed to get used to home conditions. She was afraid of going out even during the day, she was terribly afraid of the dark. In addition, Jill could not eat normal food," the doctor said. One day Jill started recovering very fast both mentally and physically. She started eating, talking and even laughing. When doctors told her that she was getting better, Jill laughed and said that she had never been sick. She added that "he" knew where she was and that "he" would come to rescue her. Doctors considered such behavior the new stage of Jill's illness and decided to isolate her in a special room. However, the USAF major disappeared from her ward at night in the middle of November. Someone very strong pulled steel bars out of the brick wall and signed the wall with autograph “Here was Borat.”

Kuba Kyrgyz,0,3904839.story?coll=ny-leadworldnews-headlines

Kidnapped in Kyrgyzstan? Evidence casts doubt
Newsday Special Correspondent

October 16, 2006

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan -- New details have emerged in the case of a U.S. Air Force officer who disappeared mysteriously last month while serving in the far-flung ex-Soviet state of Kyrgyzstan, casting doubt on her claim that she was kidnapped.

Maj. Jill Metzger, 33, vanished from a store in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, on Sept. 5, shortly before she was to return to the United States. Three days later, authorities said, she turned up at a farmhouse 20 miles away, her hair dyed and feet bloody, saying she had been abducted, had overcome her kidnappers and had escaped.

New facts revealed by the Kyrgyz police, however, deepen the mystery and raise the possibility Metzger orchestrated her own disappearance. Kyrgyz authorities say there is no evidence to back up her account that a woman approached her while she was shopping and kidnapped her.

Metzger's family said she was not available for comment. The Air Force Office of Special Investigations in Maryland, which is working on the case with the FBI, also declined to give details.

Metzger was a personnel officer on a four-month tour of duty at Manas air base, just outside the capital, a critical logistical and transport hub for U.S. military operations in nearby Afghanistan. About 900 U.S. forces and a handful of French, Spanish and South Korean troops staff the base.

Her disappearance triggered a massive manhunt in the tiny, mountainous state of just over 5 million people. Kyrgyzstan remains a Western-friendly government where foreigners are rarely a target of violent crime.

The case was interpreted by some as further evidence of the government's inability to manage the country. Since President Kurmanbek Bakiev came to power in a so-called "Tulip Revolution" in March 2005, Kyrgyzstan has experienced repeated bouts of political instability and Islamic extremist groups have strengthened their position in the south.

After Metzger re-emerged around midnight Sept. 8, she was questioned briefly by Kyrgyz police. Officials there said, however, that the U.S. Embassy phoned and instructed her not to talk. She was flown to Bagram air base in Afghanistan and then to Landstuhl, Germany, where she underwent medical treatment.

She returned Sept. 14 to Moody Air Force Base in Georgia, where she is stationed.

Kyrgyz officials said they are working closely with U.S. investigators, but voiced frustration that they are unable to pursue key points to help solve a crime committed on their territory. They said they would like to question Metzger again because their time with her was cut short, and her testimony was confusing and contradictory. Col. Oktyabr Urmanbetov, who is helping to lead the investigation, said American officials also have yet to respond to eight questions they were asked to pass on to Metzger last month.

According to the account Metzger gave to Kyrgyz investigators, she was shopping on the first floor of Bishkek's main department store when a woman approached her and gave her a note in English, asking for help. The major said she accompanied the woman to a nearby outdoor market, where the woman placed something in Metzger's backpack and handed her another note, saying the object was a bomb.

Metzger then wandered the city alone and the woman appeared intermittently, writing notes instructing her where to go next. After a few hours, the woman appeared with two men and stuffed Metzger into a Volkswagen van. At one point, Metzger left the vehicle without her backpack to buy the group some water.

Urmanbetov said still photographs taken from the department store's video camera and testimony from sales representatives tell a different story. Metzger is shown descending an escalator at 4:23 p.m. A balding man with glasses perched atop his head seems to be waiting for her at the bottom and walks with her a short distance. Metzger then buys a lipstick, by herself, the police said, and at no point does a woman approach her. Six minutes after she descended the escalator, the in-house camera shows her leaving alone. According to Kyrgyz officials, vendors at a nearby market say she bought hair dye from them and was alone.

Police drawings based on her description of the abductors show two men and a woman of indeterminate ethnic origin. Metzger told officials they were European. Based on the questioning, Kyrgyz authorities are at a loss for a motive, saying Metzger told them the kidnappers did not demand money nor approach her sexually.

Metzger's father, John, when contacted by telephone from Central Asia at the family's home in North Carolina, said much is unknown, but three facts are certain: His daughter was kidnapped, she was beaten, and she escaped.

"She's a tough little cookie," he said. "She wants to see these criminals brought to justice and she'll do everything she can to see that this happens."

Urmanbetov said police are basing their investigation on the assumption that Metzger was indeed kidnapped, "because that's what she insists." But, he said, "we have a lot of questions, like why didn't she run away when she had the chance, and why didn't she call for help?"

Frank Warner

The Newsday story appears to summarize what we already didn't know. And notice, the story leaves out unfair and potentially libelous rumors. It has to. And so do the rest of us.

The only new thing, to American readers, is this:

[Col. Oktyabr] Urmanbetov [a Kyrgyz investigator] said still photographs taken from the department store's video camera and testimony from sales representatives tell a different story. Metzger is shown descending an escalator at 4:23 p.m. [Sept. 5]. A balding man with glasses perched atop his head seems to be waiting for her at the bottom and walks with her a short distance. Metzger then buys a lipstick, by herself, the police said, and at no point does a woman approach her. Six minutes after she descended the escalator, the in-house camera shows her leaving alone. According to Kyrgyz officials, vendors at a nearby market say she bought hair dye from them and was alone.

Newsday, in New York, seems to have gone a long way to get little. They might have asked David Stern, who isn't one of their regular reporters, to ask a few questions in Kyrgyzstan, and this was all the firm information available. Or Stern simply offered Newsday the story, and the paper bought it.

The truth is out there. It's obvious Jill Metzger wasn't kidnapped. Soon, she'll have to explain truthfully.


Borat the Dad,

What you posted above on October 16, 2006 at 07:21 AM is exactly what Kuba Kyrgyz posted on a wizbang blog on October 16, 2006 06:03 AM . Did you copy and paste it here? Or is the same person writing under Borat the Dad and Kuba Kyrgyz?

Friend of Jill's

I don't get why Jill would go AWOL. She loves the Air Force and is one of the hardest and most disciplined officers I know. It doesn't make sense that she would tank her career like this.

Kuba Kyrgyz

Soo, any proof out there of Jill actually been kidnapped? Or it's just what Jill and her dad is claiming? I'll believe her story when moon turns into green cheese.

Frank Warner

I don't think Jill or her father have claimed anything lately. My guess is, she's a few weeks from telling the truth.

Kuba Kyrgyz

Hmmm, I'll believe Jill and her dad's story and USAF top brass when moon turns into green cheese.

Her dad, retired Air Force Lt. Col. John Metzger, says his daughter was "definitely kidnapped and abducted." He labeled any other speculation as "just a bunch of bogus junk." The colonel reported his daughter was "tortured to some degree" and "beaten up."

Metzger told AIR FORCE TIMES "(Jill) had a rope put around her neck, her face was black and blue." The colonel reported his daughter ran for seven hours through the countryside - "some 30 to 40 miles" before "arriving at a farmhouse in the town of Kant." It was from there, that the local cops were alerted and Maj. Metzger returned to Air Force control.

Published October 12, 2006 01:12 am

Article says Metzger was tortured
By Kenna Walsh
The Valdosta Daily Times
MOODY AIR FORCE BASE — Moody Air Force Base officials are not commenting on an Air Force Times article that said Maj. Jill Metzger — a personnel chief with Moody AFB’s 23rd Wing Mission Support Squadron — was beaten and tortured in Kyrgyzstan during her three-day disappearance in early September.

Frank Warner

We'll have to wait for the FBI report. Then the plea deal.


Jill is the biggest liar since John Kerry. I can hardly wait to see her fry for this.


Please keep us posted on any new developments on this case.

Idol Hanz

The list of possible Miliary AND Federal charges is quite legnthy.

The worst aspect of this case is Major Metzger's conduct has endangered the strategic relationship of the United States with an ally in wartime.

Because her husband is a criminal investigator for the Air Force and because she was a "poster girl" for the Air Force, the leadership is in a quandry.

They want to sneak her out the back door with a sweet deal medical retirement but the howl of protests to congress will begin if they try it.

Some folks have suggested those critical of Major Metzger's claims and excuses for her absence are engaged in "Character Assassination". Nothing could be further from the truth. Major Metzger has written her own reputation, we didn't do that for her.

Just as nobody believed Bill Clinton and OJ Simpson, nobody believes Major Jill Metzger.

Frank Warner

Hi Idol,

I'd hold down the talk of Major Metzger endangering America's strategic relations with an ally in time of war.

Had Metzger worked hard enough to come up with a Kyrgyzstan-bashing lie that we'd believe for more than a day, you might have a case. But she didn't.

Frank Warner

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