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October 31, 2006



More Iraq history from John Kerry, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Hans Blix and others:

Not to be missed.

They all voted for the 'Patriot Act' they now denounce too!

Mike's America

Thanks for this timely reminder. Clinton talked alot about the threat in Iraq but couldn't even put the money that was appropriated where his mouth was.

Christopher Taylor

Instalinked again, Glenn doesn't mind typepad blogs :)

Great story in any case, and always good to keep in mind. Whatever Clinton and the Democrats' reasons, this was a good move and one they are trying to pretend isn't there like Oz telling Dorothy to pay no mind to that man behind the curtain.


Not only can I hear Chris Wallace -- I can see that little smirk on his face! :-)


Clinton was just a g.d. chicken unwilling to spend a trillion dollars and spill lots of blood. Thank God he is gone. Bush has the balls to do what is right, despite the consequences. I hope my fanatacism came through. Gotta go on coffee break now, can't wait to return to the web.


Clinton was just a g.d. chicken unwilling to spend a trillion dollars and spill lots of blood

...and he was willing to shove his head in the sand till Saddam landed a nuke on New York. But he was really tough on Waco.


gm - And which of his many nukes was Saddam going to land in NY City? We have much in common, I too like to believe in non-existent things - like the Easter Bunny. And, BC didn't have his head in the sand, it was in Lewinsky.


lk: Do you believe in mass graves with 300,000 men, women and children in them? Do you believe Saddam started two wars that killed about 2 million people?

Or are they part of your Easter Bunny mentality, too?


Yes, SH killed a lot of people, but none that I know personally. You, on the other hand, are suddenly (years after the fact) mourning all those lost. How does one spell phoney - with an f or a ph? Are there any evil dictators (in other areas of the world) whose citizens you are mourning now? Take a look around.

Christopher Taylor

Hm, so Saddam Hussein wasn't interested in nuclear weapons and would never, ever have gotten any, period? That's your beleif? We know he had WMD, we've found some, Clinton, congress, the UN, everyone knew about them - except, if we are to believe their recent rhetoric, the American left.

Sad stuff.


So, because Saddam Hussein never killed anyone that lk knew personally, we should have left him alone.

lk, did you know anybody that Hitler killed? Should we have left him alone?

jj mollo

We believed that India was unlikely to test the bomb until it did. We believed Pakistan was unlikely to obtain the bomb until it did. We believed that no nation would deliberately disseminate nuclear secrets until the activities of A.Q. Khan were uncovered. Very few, however, doubted that Saddam would use it if he had it. And it was hard to see how we could keep him from getting it.


I know some camp survivors from WWII, and they lost families. They were good people - it is the faux sympathy for Iraqis from the right that is hypocrisy. You'd like us to level Iraq - as all are guilty, to you. You pretend to have a bleeding heart for people you don't care for.


lk, you are being nonresponsive. By the way, stop pretending to know what others think to support your illusions.


George- I think in general the USA (citizens) do not give a rats ass about Iraqis. I share that feeling, and think the best way out is to turn out the lights as we leave (take that as you want to - bombs are cheap compared to soldiers' lives). I am of an age - Stone Age, and think Iraq could benefit from starting from that era. Then take troops to Afghanistan, and invade northern Pakistan, search for OBL and his group. Quit pussyfooting around. That's my plan. s/ an effette Christian liberal Democrat.

Christopher Taylor

George- I think in general the USA (citizens) do not give a rats ass about Iraqis.

Projecting your own feelings onto everyone else is not exactly honest, lk.

I do think your plan to invade nations we have no beef with, but to complain about invading Iraq that we had a laundry list of causes for war against is fascinating though.

It's pretty obvious your opposition to the war in Iraq is based not on anything about it but simply opposition to President Bush and allegiance to a certain radical leftist ideology.


Wow way to go guys... you made this another Left-wing shoot-out on who is more Liberal and who is the bad person. Republican Part FTW.

Frank Warner


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