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September 27, 2006



It was no suicide attempt; just an adverse reaction to taking 35 prescription pain pills.

jj mollo

I don't know. It's hard to picture T.O. committing suicide except by accident. It's not hard to picture him doing something weird just for the attention it gets him. The only way that people might believe he actually wanted to kill himself is if he denied it, which is probably why he's denying it. More drama. It's also pretty easy to believe that he would be irresponsible enough to take all those pills just for a publicity stunt, or maybe just as a form of gamesmanship to get one over on Parcells.

If he really is depressed, I'm sorry for him and I hope he gets over it. He certainly is fun to watch on the field. You would think he was having fun.

jj mollo

5 catches for 80 yards. Sounds like he's having fun.

Frank Warner

No touchdowns. He must be depressed.

jj mollo

Well, he's definitely depressed now. Here's an explanation of why TO's story changed so rapidly.

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