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September 22, 2006


Good Lt

Revoke TV licenses?

Sounds like a certain political machine in this country who recently threatened the same thing should they become elected...

jj mollo

The US has a strong presense almost everywhere in the world. We really can't help it. It is the product of being so big and so productive and so enthusiastic. People often resent the biggest kid in the school no matter how he behaves. They resent the smartest kid in the school, the most curious and they certainly resent the richest kid. Should we try to get stupid and poor and weak? Some people, even in this country, seem to think so. Pandering to these kinds of envious attitudes is an easy political path to take. It's called demagoguery.

But actually believing that the US is seeking the mysterious "hegemony" in an intentional way is ridiculous. The same people who suspect devious, sly, underhanded conspiracies are the first to mock our mistakes, our diplomatic awkwardness and our ineptly managed projects.

If Venezuela wants success, they should look to Japan, Singapore, Chile, Brazil, Ireland -- anywhere but Cuba. Cuba's successes are in literacy, health care, and the longevity of a repressive government. Cuba's also pretty good at distributing the wealth, but that's because there's not too much of it.
He thinks the press is tough in Caracas, he should try walking in GW Bush's boots for a while.

jj mollo

Nice cartoon by the way.

Frank Warner

Just made one adjustment to the cartoon. It didn't need the statement, "Only I speak for Venezuela," at the top.

Frank Warner

One slight disagreement, JJ. Cuba's improved illiteracy, as impossible to verify as it is, is not so great considering that, in 1959, Cuba had one of the highest literacy rates in Latin America.

And now Castro imprisons librarians who dare hand out unapproved books. Why read, if you have only Granma and Noam Chomsky to read?

Cuba's health care system is a sick joke. Yes, they have lot of doctors, and I'd wish a surplus of doctors on any nation. But there is no medicine or equipment, except for Castro and the tourists.

Cubans are commonly ill and malnourished. Aspirin, other drugs and vitamins are scarce. At the clinics, the treatment of choice is the application of a toaster-size magnet to the area in pain.

The U.N. and even the CIA publish statistics on Cuban life expectancy. But those stats are fed in directly by Cuba.

Only after Cuba is free will we find out the full truth of Cuba's health under Castro.

Frank Warner

JJ has it exactly right: The United States is naturally influential because we're free.

If all other nations were free, they'd claim their natural share of influence.

And which nation on Earth is doing more than any other to usher in freedom to all those unfree?

It ain't Venezuela.


Moore’s Pro-Castro Propaganda Hides Cuban Suffering

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