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September 27, 2006



Thanks for the link!

B. West is almost certainly Bing West, author of 'The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division'. It's an excellent read and chock-full of Marine goodness.

I have some excerpts and commentary Here, here, and here.

jj mollo

Did you see the comment from Michael Yon? He is not anti-war, but he does make a good case that the Administration is screwing up the embed process. Go read it!

Michael Yon :

The military makes it very difficult for reporters in Iraq. I know three -- including me -- who recently tried to embed in Iraq and were denied. In 2005, when I wrote a single sentence the PAO did not like, I needed a guard to eat in the dining facility in Mosul. The PAO stole some of my photos and released them to the world, then taunted me to "sue them" when I asked for compensation. Brigadier General Vincent Brooks knows the story well. A journalist might interview him and ask why he refused to obey the laws of the United States while he was Chief of Public Affairs. Our combat troops are great -- and our lower level PAO people usually are, too. But the behavior of the upper levels of the Public Affairs Office often border on thuggery. ...

Mike Johnson

It may be where the "action" is, but it isn't where the news is. The embedded reporter circuit hasn't changed in years. As the example of Jill Carroll shows, there are other reporters in Iraq who aren't embedded. They still cover Iraq, they just aren't interested in the Army's canned goods.

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