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September 20, 2006



It would be interesting to hear about the change in quality of life (including freedom) in China over the past three decades. I suspect it is improving in comfort level, and maybe slightly in freedom level, but base my opinion on feelings rather than facts.

As for Bush, I think he believes fully in standing up for the little guy against strong dictatorial governments. But the Chinese are too strong.

jj mollo

China has had 10% GDP increases for a number of years. The economy is no longer under tight state control. The people are gradually freeing themselves. Ever since Mao died, things have been looking up. Trends matter. The trend in Venezuela is not as good. The trend in Russia is disturbing. The trend in Africa is frightening. The trend in Sudan is devastating. At least the trend in China is hopeful.

Nationalism and expansionism in China have always been worrisome. Corruption is always dangerous too, but small democratic responses are being permitted. As the Chinese grow in self-confidence, as they begin to realize that the world is not a zero-sum game, the nationalism may transform itself into liberalism.

The indicators will be in China's handling of Tibet, North Korea and Taiwan. I'm also interested in seeing how the treatment of coal workers in the PRC changes over the coming years.

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