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September 23, 2006



On November 12, 1998, Vice President Al Gore symbolically signed the protocol, but in the following two years it was never sent to the Senate for ratification. Why not ? Guess that 95-0, a truly bipartisan, vote was the reason.

Christopher Taylor

The problem is, President Clinton didn't really try and is out - shockingly - lying to rewrite his story to seem better than it really was. It's pathetic, he's more woeful every year.


The same traits, youth and impetuousness, that got Bill Clinton in trouble while in office continue to plague him in his post-Presidency, making Bill Clinton Bill Clinton's worst enemy.

Clinton would be best if he let sleeping dogs lie. Instead he just can't stop himself when it comes to defending his "legacy."

Clinton points us to Richard Clarke's book for the truth, but as Tom Maguire notes ..
Pulitzer Prize winner David Halberstam delivered "War in a Time of Peace - Bush, Clinton, and the Generals" in May of 2001. Although he covered Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo, there is not a hint of a mention of Al Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden. That suggests that, in all his digging and interviewing on the topic of Clinton at war, Halberstam never uncovered Clinton's war on terror, or did not experience Clinton's people pounding the table and emphasizing its importance.

Clinton would be best if he let sleeping dogs lie.

jj mollo

Clinton will be on Meet The Press at 1PM this afternoon. Should be interesting.

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