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September 26, 2006


Mike Johnson

There’s a reason the Clintons avoid Fox News interviews, and the Bush team avoids CNN interviews.

The idea of political balance between Fox News and CNN, or even worse that they are engaged in a sports contest, is completely wrong-minded The truth is that both of these cable news channels are shit. They do almost nothing, often less than nothing, to inform the American people. The audience is also complicit in the pathetic state of cable news, because it shows how little television vieweers care about being informed. Evidently many Fox viewers would like to have strong opinions, but that is not the same as knowing a lot, or even knowing much.

If television news were even half-decent, then most Americans would be able to locate Iraq on a world outline map. Which they can't. Most Americans cannot even find, without the help of a give-away label, the country that the United States invaded. That is a far more basic question than whether the invasion of Iraq is a success or a good idea. Most Americans are blind when they are asked this more advanced question in polls. Their answers have no credibility, except in the next election.

Christopher Taylor

I honestly see no trap here. Given, Fox isn't as cushy on Democrats as say, CBS news. But where's the trap? He was asked good questions for once in his career. That's like saying having to take a test without a cheat sheet is a trap.


Couple things real quick...

First, I'm not a all the stuff you ascribed to "Democrats", that I wrote, is misattributed.

Second, your dichotomy of Right/Left == Fox/CNN is simplistic and wrong. Fox is a mouthpiece for the RNC. It's run by a GOP operative. The same is not true for CNN. While CNN looks "liberal" next to FOX, on their own I'd put them very slightly right of center (How many anchors there talk about national healthcare/trust busting/not bombing people for oil on a regular basis? Their guest ratio also skews right.)

Radio Pacifica/Air America is what "leftist" media looks/sounds like.

BTW, "paranoid apoplexy" is about as far from the actual reaction as can be believed. Have you even watched the full interview?

Finally, Wallace's excuse of "I got some email about I have to ask", is very poor journalism. It's another version of that FNC classic "Some people say..." and the ridiculous use of the "?" (Cavuto) that the Daily Show mentioned the other day.

Christopher Taylor

It's ok to just come out and say "President Clinton can do no wrong, he is my God" wah. Don't beat around the bush.


Let's get the Somali pullout part right.

There were variations of four plans considered 1) immediate pullout (October), 2) pullout at the end of year, 3) pullout in March (this plan was chosen), and 4) no pullout, go get the bastards.

Each plan had supporters in both parties. Both Robert Byrd (D-WV) and Dan Coats (R-IN) were pushing for 1) immediate pullout, for instance. Newt Gingrich was somewhere between 3) and 4).

Clearly, the response to "BlackHawk Down" was not partisan.

Even a 1995 PBS program " Ambush in Mogadishu," was referred to as ...The program suggests that a legacy of Somalia, which one of tonight's critics calls "a failed political military operation," was the reluctance of Washington to be drawn into other danger spots like Bosnia and Rwanda. One critic says policy makers were left "actually not knowing what to do at all."


It's ok to just come out and say "President Clinton can do no wrong, he is my God" wah. Don't beat around the bush.

Clinton did plenty of wrong. However, in the context of the interview (Blaming Clinton for not getting OBL while Bush gets a pass), he's got a pretty solid argument as to have done his best...yet failed. The fact that he can own up to it sets him head and shoulders above the current CinC in regards to honesty....which is Clinton isn't known for his honesty.


Hey wah:
Here's that "slightly right of center " CNN:
CNN Anchor to President Bush: 'You’re Part of the Problem'

wah, it is time to wake up.


George, it's time to read a whole paragraph.

‘You know President Bush, you’re part of the problem. You decided to invade Iraq. You had the Taliban on the run. You had killed a lot of the people in Al Qaeda. You had, uh, uh, what’s his name, Osama bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora. You had all these people in your gun sights when all of a sudden, Afghanistan became number two on your priority list because you wanted to run off and wage war against Saddam Hussein.’ But nobody’s going to say that, ‘cept maybe me."
Read that NIE report. Then ask Bush how torturing Muslims is going help mainstream Islam fight the extremists (they are best hope, at least according to the parts of the report that were leaked).

You know what's really sad about your comment? The fact that you think nobody on the "right" can criticize the President. Paging William F. Buckley.

Actually, I'm not sure which is sadder, the idea...that no one can be "right" if they criticize the President...or that no one should criticize the President.

A surprise guest at the meeting was Bill Clinton, whose agenda seemed to be protecting his wife. But things didn't work out quite as planned. When Guy Saperstein, a retired lawyer from Oakland, asked Clinton if Democrats who supported the war should apologize, the former President " went fucking ballistic," according to Saperstein. Forget Hillary, Clinton said angrily during a ten-minute rant; if I was in Congress I would've voted for the war. "It was an extraordinary display of anger and imperiousness," Saperstein says.

Seems even some Democrats can't talk to Clinton.

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