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August 31, 2006


Christopher Taylor

I'll tell you what Armitage is in his eyes: a friend, a guy who opposed the war in Iraq, therefore someone he won't attack. He's following what Kevin Drum said openly.

Rod Blanchford

I have heard Rush say Fitzgerald had to have known Armitage was the leaker. If this is true, isn't Fitzgerald liable for prosecution? Would that not be a crime to prosecute someone knowing they were not involved in a crime? At the very least should he not be disbarred?

Shouldn't Joe Wilson be liable for prosecution also since he concocted this whole thing?

Libby could have gone to prison for 30 years. Shouldn't some heads be rolling about this?

Frank Warner

Weirdly enough, Libby still could go to prison. He lied to a grand jury, allegedly.

Fitzgerald still can argue that he had to proceed with the case because Armitage's mention of Plame's name wasn't enough. Bob Novak had to get someone to confirm it, and if Plame's name and occupation had not been confirmed, Novak might not have written the story.

Fitzgerald has spent so much time on the case he now has a vested interest in declaring that Libby (or maybe even Armitage) hurt Plame by revealing her CIA job. Otherwise, Fitzgerald can never justify his investigation. But the damage to Plame or her husband, Wilson, is difficult to see.

She and Wilson should be paying back the CIA (really, us taxpayers) for that 2002 trip to Niger. She abused her post by recommending a relative for the mission, and he abused the mission by misrepresenting its findings.

Christopher Taylor

Given all the leaks and things Fitzgerald released, let alone the steps he took as if he was unaware of this fact, I think the man ought to be hiding under a sheet and avoiding the press at this point.

But it seems like the job of Special Prosecutor deletes your sense of shame for whatever reason. Certainly he's guilty of some highly unethical decisions and actions given this knowledge.

And he had to know it would come out, eventually.

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