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August 30, 2006


Christopher Taylor

All those stories are waiting for a smart, rich producer to put them out and rake in the cash with a backhoe because the American people are waiting and very hungry for such movies.

Eventually the wall of silence in Hollywood and TV will crack, and when it does, the movies and shows will come out rapidly and powerfully.

But thanks for bringing this up, it's a topic I want to write on as well but haven't found a hook I can use.

Frank Warner

I just e-mailed the Pentagon: Tell us the stories!

Chuck Simmins

142 posts on the topic here:
and more to come.


I have read about many of these heros and more. Just go to the right places. The DOD has a press release on all of them. It would be nice if the Communist News Network would use them.

andres droguett

i am one of those soldiers who has received a bronze star with valor and the story has never been told. i am sgt. droguett stationed in fort carson home town is ashburn virginia . i would like this story to be told one day.

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