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August 29, 2006


d shingleton

The DNA that has been talked about was said to be from a sneese or cough! Jon Benet was not Raped,and she was not druged!And The John Ramsey's of the world don't have pay stubs!Dahh!She was tasered I beleve by her mother,which I believe caused her death,The rest was just staging!And Bouder either completely screwed up the investigation of their was some money that switched hands! Eother way I do not believe she was intenally Murdered.It was an accidental death! Read the autopsey Report!The damage to her heart can be both from stranglation or from being Tasered!
She was penitrated some other way besides intercourse! Everything John Karr confessed to can be found online,common sense can tell you he didn't do it!Research!!!

d shingleton

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