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August 31, 2006



$2.43/ga. and counting here in Texas

Frank Warner

That's a good price. The lowest I've seen around here so far is $2.63 a gallon. I'm sure it's a little lower in places.

jj mollo

Mallory is seeing lower prices, but she's not completely happy about it.

Frank Warner

It's about $2.37 a gallon around here.

But keep calm. Prices are supposed to change from time to time.

In economics, every price is a two-edged sword. Yes, a higher gasoline price discourages us from consuming too much gas. But on the other hand, a higher gas price encourages oil companies to find for more oil, and until the world really is out of the stuff, every new discovery temporarily will reduce the price again. With a lower price, demand will rise again.

The energy price trend appears to be upward. That also is an incentive to find alternatives.

So don't fret every time the price changes. Goes up. Oh no, I'm broke! Goes down. Oh no, the world's over. Try to go with the flow.

And if you want cleaner energy now, demand it. Tell everyone in power.

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