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August 23, 2006


Christopher Taylor

If you want your ransom note to be undecipherable to handwriting experts and different from your own, write with your off hand. It will look very odd and difficult to read. Another trick would be to write in a moving vehicle, which makes your handwriting a mess as well.

jj mollo

The first sample shows someone with remarkable handwriting skills and a lot of imagination. The text shows someone who is slightly off and willing to flatter -- manipulative maybe.

The ransome note seems very carefully thought out. If he brought it with him, though, why didn't he bother to do the old paper cutting trick? No fear of handwriting analysis if you use MS Word. If he thought it up as disinformation after a playdate gone bad, why did he have such an elaborate alibi? He has a pretty good imagination, it seems, but who would think to specify the size of the attache without careful thought, especially under the circumstances. He even tells them to be rested. That note of concern is touching, isn't it.

Was there any blood where the note was found?

Frank Warner

I don't know about the blood.

But it doesn't seem likely the killer would have written this three-page ransom note the same night he killed JonBenet. That's a lot of writing to do while the family is still in the house.

So he must have written it ahead of time. I wonder how Karr explains knowing anything about the Ramseys, including those pay stubs, before he went to Boulder.

No, he didn't do it.

L.E. Smith

Actually, several handwriting experts have declared it a match. I believe one would have to go through many thousands of handwriting samples to find one that close.
I don't know if Karr was present at the murder as he claimed. I do know the Boulder DA's office did not want to try the case without a DNA match, and I'm quite sure they did not attempt to obtain handwriting samples.
The DA said they knew where Karr was up to Dec 23, 1996, and after Jan 2, 1997. Essentially, his brother said he couldn't remember whether he was in Atlanta or Alabama, and, according to the DA, when asked if she was positive he was with her, his wife said "No."


If you ask me they are totally different. 2 or more letters written by one person always follow a pattern in either syntax or word expression.
The High school letter reads very playful and imaginative. It voices a request, for personality standards. "Do this for me, as you are this way, do not change because i like you the way you are." (Not the exact words - though the voice). This letter is flirtatious and seemingly antisocial. It is clearly written by a man who wish to impression a girl with his equipment. It implies that the guy did not know the girl personality but that he had a "thing" for her implying that he stalked her in some shape or form.
The second letter writes totally differently. The syntax is different; it is clever and clean cut. It is calm and light but in a subtle way it is assertive implied. This letter reads. "No i am not go to take this anymore! Leave my daughter alone and get out of my house! You can have everything just leave my daughter alone! Harm my daughter and I will kill YOU! The writer of this article does not want Jonbenet harmed and cares about her well being. The writer just wants Jonbenet safe from the danger she currently suffers (post Jonbenet's murder.)
The letter is almost maternal. It is like Jonbenet's mother is ragingly asking her husband to leave, because he has harmed Jonbenet.
The first letter is written by a man who seems to written about a girl in a sexually offensive manner.
The second is written by a woman who is clever with her words, but does not try to impress or use words she cannot handle it written concise and well and reads differently from the first. The first is choppy and disorganized will the second is written to the money. It is demanding. The first is also seductive.
If Jonbenet's father wrote the letter it would sound more seductive. The letter was purposely placed in a place where Mrs. Ramsey would find it, suggesting that Mr. Ramsey would know to find something his wife wanted him to find in place that was significant to her. (The stairs Mrs. Ramsey always uses.) This represents who has the authority, the boss of the house.
I bet Mrs. Ramsey figured out that her husband was sexually abusing Jonbenet, and that he used the backstairs to take Jonbenet to the basement where he probably had "Do's" with her o regualar basis. So she would know to put the letter in this place, Right?
I bet Mrs. Ramsey wrote the letter to her husband.
Had Mr. Ramsey followed her directions Jonbenet would be alive to day and her parents would be divorced. But if you ask me, I guess Mr. Ramsey was just to horny and needed to have his daughter.
Jonbenet's death seems clearly accidental, it also seems, kind? Like the killer did not want Jonbenet to feel pain. I do not know.

A. Lunt

Look at the blasted paper! The Killer did NOT write this before hand, he thought it out! Just look at it! LOOK! He scribbled out words, he spelled incorrectly, and the letters are all shooken, like he wrote it while moving or shaking. I think he was scared. I think he was going to kidnap her and thought it all out before hand and then got to the house and was terrorized and just killed her. Her parents, unless I'm mistaken, LOVED her with all their might. They provided her with the opportunities to be in pageants, and they totally took care of her. If you look at pictures of the beautiful little girl on the Internet, does she look dirty and abused?! Didn't think so! She looks amazingly strikingly Stunning, and her hair is so.... just wonderful. She really was an Angel. I think She was murdered because of either her religion, jealousy (maybe the killer also had a daughter and was mad because her daughter wasn't chosen for the things JonBenet won) or the murderer was completely, utterly insane. What did this poor little girl ever do to you? If YOUR daughter won something and JonBenet hadn't, and Mr. Or Mrs. Ramsey killed your little baby, wouldn't you be disgusted?! Just think about it. Would her parents kill her? And plus, another factor, This note says "we are an individual group of FOREIGN..." Sorry, I don't have it right in front of me... But it says something like that. Maybe it WAS a foreign killer. You need to take all things into account before even SUSPECTING these things. And HELLO!! Finger prints were not evidable? Please, detectives, you WILL find this killer. Find him (or her), please for the sake of us all. You should have enough techno stuff nowadays to be able to find it out. Please, heed this!


What are the chances that an "intruder" would have the same exact peculiarity of switching back and forth between a fontlike "a" and a regular a like the majority of the population uses? Patsy Ramsey did just that. Google her pageant application for her daughter and you'll see it on her signature line. On the same line you'll see the two different "a"'s. Ask yourself how many people have that very rare writing style. It's odd, isn't it, that out of millions of people in the world, the person who allegedly "intruded" into the Ramsey home and wrote that "ransom note" had the same exact writing style? Coincidence? Not on your life.

Also, the letter started out being addressed to "Mr. Ramsey", not both parents. But it quickly dissolved into personalization. The "kidnapper" called John by first name several times and hints that the "kidnapper" was very familiar with John Ramsey are evident. "Don't try to grow a brain" was a classic line in the movie Speed, which was at that time only barely two years old. Besides which, John Ramsey was obviously a very smart man as he had taken a business he started in his garage and turned it, in just a few years, into a multimillion dollar success. "Use that good southern charm of yours" is another clue. What kind of kidnapper would write such a thing? Wouldn't that be a little too revealing a clue that might lead to this person's identity?

After reading the evidence and the strange behavior and actions of these parents, anyone with ANY logic and common sense knows there was no "intruder".

People have a hard time believing a parent can actually kill their own child. Hard as it is to accept, a parent is usually the person who did commit the crime when a child is murdered.

Incidentally, to the poster above mine, a well put together child on the outside does not mean that child isn't being abused; sexually or otherwise. You are very simple minded if you believe only "dirty looking" children are the victims of such abuse.

JonBenet had, in the months before her death, regressed in her toilet habits. She frequently had accidents and frequently wet the bed after having initially been successfully potty trained. Classic sexual abuse symptom in a child. Ask yourself what would make a child suddenly, at the age of 6, become unable to control her bladder and bowel movements, after she had previously been successful at potty training and been in control of her bodily functions?

$118,000 this "kidnapper" demands when the Ramsey's were millionaires many times over. Odd. The "kidnapping murderer" went thru an awful lot of trouble for such a mere pittance considering what "he" could have gotten out of it.

Consider the behavior of the parents. They did exactly the opposite of what the "ransom note" told them to do. They were told in no uncertain terms that if the police were called, if, they even spoke to a dog, the child would be killed. They immediately called the police and then invited 2 or 3 sets of friends to their house! Who in their right mind would do such a thing if they believed a "kidnapper" had their child and was watching their every move??

Also, consider that no other child in all this time has been murdered in the same fashion in the Boulder area. If there has, it hasn't hit the news. One would think it would, considering how much media attention the JonBenet case has received.

Child predators/killers don't usually stop at one child and their M.O. doesn't change. Why has no other child in that area been discovered?

Patsy Ramsey wrote a letter to her attorney, not to be opened until after her death. In it, she wrote,,, incredibly, that JonBenet committed suicide!!! Well if she knew this all along, why did she spend YEARS pointing fingers at everyone she could think of, with no compunctions about possibly sending an innocent person to prison for life? Firstly, ask yourself how a 6 year old child could even contemplate suicide in the first place. Then ask yourself how she could have possibly both caused an 8 1/2 inch crack in her skull while strangling herself to death,,,while creating the impression of sexual molestation. How could a 6 year old child have pulled off such a feat? And her mother said she was worried that if she came forward with "the truth" about her daughter, her trophies would have been taken back and Patsy just couldn't bear that. What kind of sicko mother would ever make up such an absurd story? If she can do that, why's it such a stretch that she could kill her?

It's no real stretch who killed that child. Anyone who seriously subscribes to the "intruder" possibility is just plain simple minded.


This is ridiculous, John Karr’s hand writing looks nothing like who ever wrote the letter. It looks more like a combination of Patsy and John's hand-writing as if they wrote it together.

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