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August 05, 2006



I'll wager 25 cents that if the French are involved, Hezbollah will continue to re-arm, and Israel will start doing bombing runs over french heads.

They've already said that if the peacekeeping force doesn't stop the flow, the bombs will begin dropping again.

Frank Warner

A buffer area patrolled by drones would help. The French could handle it, and they seem a little more committed to Lebanon than most countries.

If there are violations of the orders to disarm, the Lebanese government should be required to stop those violators. This will be a test for that government, too.


There is just no way that Hezbollah will disarm short of it's complete destruction. I know I sure wouldn't. If they lose their military, their political people will disappear as well from the loss of face. Who would willingly choose that option when their reason for being (Israel) still exists?

There is much more blood loss coming :(

Frank Warner

It is just possible Hezbollah eventually could be content with political power, rather than criminal fire power.

If they gain in the Lebanese government in the next round of elections, they'll have to consider their responsibilities to all of Lebanon, not only to themselves and their megalomaniacal hatreds.


Well, that would require a sea change, as it seems they don't consider they have any responsibilities to the Lebanese whatsoever.

For example, they use Lebanese as human shields, and they have brought violence, misery and destruction to Lebanon in their bloodlust.

Seems like there's a long way to go yet...

Frank Warner

Yep. A lot of things would have to go right.

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