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August 05, 2006


Christopher Taylor

Excellent article and a sad truth. Barry Farber used to have a pretty good radio show on at night (I don't know if he's around any more) and one of the things he used to tell listeners about was the excitement, fervor, and joy of the Cuban revolution. For him at the time it represented all that was good: the humble poor and oppressed fighting back against the rich, corrupt oppressors and winning!

Castro was a hero! He was one of the journalists invited to Cuba to celebrate and interview him. But swiftly he came to realize that Castro was no hero, that the revolution was a scam, and that the results were worse by far than the previous situation.

Too many journalists and leftists have never learned that lesson. When Castro is finally dead, officially, prepare for the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the left, on television shows, and condemnation of the jubilant, cheering crowds of Cuban-Americans.


This is something I was never taught, but it's an excellent observation. Thanks for teaching me something!

Here to a free Cuba, some day soon...

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