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July 31, 2006


Christopher Taylor

I think all this proves is that people can be stubborn. If you ask women about men, or vice versa, you'll get the same kind of results. Ask people about food they like and don't like, same thing. It's not a sign of partisan idiocy so much as the fact that human beings will hold positions without deeply pondering them and when confronted will tend to retreat into obstiance rather than reconsidering.

Frank Warner

Well, you're wrong. I never do that.

Christopher Taylor


jj mollo

Scott Adams had a post on confirmation bias which seems relevant.


Did you ever notice that many people who like Jay Leno hate David Letterman and vice versa? It's weird. It's as if you are only allowed to like one.

Frank Warner

Yeah, Leno sucks.

Frank Warner

Seriously (I guess), I've seen Leno live at a couple of clubs, and no one is funnier than he is ad libbing. He's amazing. He also was good as a guest of David Letterman.

But he just seems too confined, too formal as host of "Tonight." Letterman was the natural heir to Johnny Carson, but someone at NBC dropped the ball. And I will resist all inputs that might alter my opinion.

jj mollo

Well, I like them both, which is a problem. I find myself switching back and forth. If I watch one, I'm afraid I'm missing something on the other.

Maybe there is something like that involved in the brain mechanisms, something that prevents us from switching "channels" too easily.

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