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July 27, 2006


Christopher Taylor

Maybe he just has unusually large huevos, so to speak. It wouldn't surprise me if he was doping, but it also wouldn't surprise me if the hyper proud French were lying or fixed the test just to get this guy.

Frank Warner

It's too bad in any case. If it's true he used dope, it's a sad indication that these guys can't stop cheating even when they know they're being watched.

jj mollo

I'm inclined to blame the French. They showed a lot of animosity toward Lance Armstrong, but all their efforts to frame him backfired.

I think we should start a Tour de Appalachians in the US and Canada which is designed to mimic exactly the conditions of the Tour de France. Then US riders could just boycott the French one and save a lot on air fare.


I heard that they test for the ratio of two different steroids as there is normally a fluctionation of steroid levels within the body but the ratio usually remains relatively constant. Cheating usually increases one without increasing the other; a change in ratio can indicate cheating. However, I also heard that Floyd's "other" steroid level was unusually low. If what I heard was correct (and if I'm interpreting it correctly), it wasn't so much that Floyd's testosterone level was high but rather that the other hormone level was low creating this ratio threshold which triggered suspicion. And I think they even said that alcohol can reduce the other hormone level -- and he was drinking that night. So, there is still a possibility that he wasn't cheating.

I hope he wasn't cheating but let the cards fall where they may.

Trust But Verify

Good summary available at the FreeFloydLandis blog.


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