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July 27, 2006



Good job hippies. Let's not drill 40 miles off of our coast, because it might harm a fish. Rather, let's let China (notably very caring about the environment) drill as close as 45 miles off of our coast.

Man, I hate hate hate environmentalists.

Frank Warner

I don't think environmentalists are stopping this. I'm an environmentalist, and I'd like to think environmentalism is directly related to science and economics.

The opposition to off-shore drilling in Florida and California, and on-shore drilling in Alaska, is closer to religion than science.

jj mollo

Personally, I think this is the moral equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Can you imagine Castro with oilbucks? China is getting out of control. IMO, we need to find a way to push oil prices up, not down. If prices get high enough, we'll start changing our ways and China will realize that it's not the way to go for the future.

Looking at my local gas station, I think that the administration must be on my side of the argument. Do you think we'll see $2.00/gal again?

Frank Warner

$2 a gallon seems a long shot.

But there's a long way, and a lot of time, between $2 a gallon and the steady $8 or $9 a gallon it would take us to move to an alternative.

In the meantime, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Putin, King Abdullah and whoever is in charge in Nigeria will get rich enough to make lots of trouble for a long time.

...I'd like to think environmentalism is directly related to science and economics.

I'd like to think that we live on a world made of happiness and joy, with ripples of love running through the crust. Unfortunately my premise, much like yours, is totally opposite of reality.

You are once again replacing reality with idealism. Ideally, environmentalists would have some concept of science and economics. They don't. The word 'environmentalism' means something totally different now and it's new meaning is nasty, just as liberalism's new meaning is.

Environmentalism as it stands today has no use for science, or even historical data. The case in point is ANWR, where environmentalists oppose it because it might hurt a caribou (which clearly defies the statistics that caribou population increased when we did the north slope), or some imaginarily 'fragile' ecosystem, an ecosystem which continues to plod onward stubbornly despite our destruction of the top predators over almost all of the planet. An ecosystem that in fact recovers from whatever we do to it! Very fragile I guess, but hard to break.

There's no more science in environmentalism. It's now just a 'what if' followed by 'can we afford to risk such a serious what if'? The answer is: F yeah we can. Drill, drill, until there is nothing left to drill for. Then move to the next cheapest energy source. Giving oil to China because our environmentalist crazies whine too much is a horrible mistake. To the environmentalists of America: Get out of my wallet you environmentalist hippie!

p.s. I hate hippies.

Christopher Taylor

If environmentalists are not stopping this, who on earth do you think is, Frank? Seriously, you figure oil companies don't want at that oil? That politicians don't want it? You think it's rich yachters who want their oceans pure? Please.

Kevin's environmentalist half

Hey, did you know that a huge comet is is about to destroy the planet when it smacks into us in 2026? Yes, there is no scientific evidence to back up my claim, other than the fact that comets exist and they cause trouble if they hit the earth.

But can we afford to take the risk? Let's use all of our planet's resources to combat this comet scourge. You know, just in case.

p.s. this half loves hippies and their ability to avoid real problems. It's also a fan of blaming Bush for... whatever is happening in the world.


I apologize for letting my animal side out. Please forgive.


thas cool man. Peace. 8}>



Frank Warner

Christopher, responsible oil drilling is blocked by spineless politicians and the mindless "political activists" who elect them.

Just as we real liberals have to battle bizarro-world pseudo-liberals day in and day out, real environmentalists have to contend with bizarro environmentalists who are but a shadow of the real thing.

Now we've got pseudo-liberals who defend fascism and the collapse of Social Security, and pseudo-environmentalists who refuse to see the moral difference between foreign and domestic oil, and who would rather feed global warming than accept more and safer nuclear power plants to reduce greenhouse gases.

As I said, the fanaticism is closer to a religion than science. The "pseudos" just oppose things because they're supposed to oppose those things, not because their opposition makes sense.


I was a hippie once-then I grew up.

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